Friday, 27 August 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1961: Results

5. George Chakiris in West Side Story- He dances well, and sings okay, but he certainly acts very poorly.

4. Peter Falk in A Pocketful of Miracles- Falk is the only good thing about the movie, and he tries his best to be funny but his performance just is pushed too much in the background to over come the terrible film he is in.

3. George C. Scott in The Hustler- Scott is brilliant as Burt showing his manipulations in a brilliantly, realistically, and as cruelly effective as possible. He never ever false as Burt and that is what makes his performance all the more effective.

2. Jackie Gleason in The Hustler- Gleason gives a great performance through a relatively simple character by the fantastic way he creates something legendary out of simply playing pool.
1. Montgomery Clift in Judgment At Nuremberg- Clift has one scene and makes more than the most of it. He creates a true victim in his characterization of this man who was severely mistreated by the Nazis. His powerful performance creates the strongest scene in the film.


Fritz said...

Great work! At the moment, I lean towards Clift but as I said, I need to see The Hustler again for the guys.

joe burns said...

I thought he would win!!!!!! What's next?

dinasztie said...

Intuition...:) Anyway I agree, I also pick Gleason, though I like Judgment at Nuremberg more than you do. Lead 1961 would be nice next. Just a suggestion.

Louis Morgan said...

Fritz: Thanks!

Joe Burns: I shall reveal that soon.

Dinasztie: Well I will try to find The Mark with the best of my ability.

Michael Patison said...

What do you think as far as deserving performances go?

Louis Morgan said...

Really can't think of any off the top of my head for this year.

Anonymous said...

Gleason was good, but Clift was perfect and brilliant like few others in history :(