Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Best Actor 1928

And the first nominees were:

Emil Jannings in The Last Command

Emil Jannings in The Way of All Flesh

Richard Barthelmess in The Noose

Richard Barthelmess in The Patent Leather Kid

And Sort of Charlie Chaplin in The Circus

The Way of all Flesh is lost, and both of Barthelmess's films seem to be obscure archive only. Chaplin was nominated apparently but they took him out of the competition and gave him an honorary award instead. I myself will include him since he was sort of nominated and also so there will be an actual competition. I will come back to this year if I ever happen to come across one of those archives or if a copy of The Way of All Flesh is miraculously found but I doubt either of these things will occur anytime soon, so I will do this year as is anyways.  

Therefore it is between Jannings in The Last Command or Chaplin in The Circus. Who do you Pick? Who do you predict?


Anonymous said...

I haven't even seen The Circus (not a big Chaplin fan...)

Louis Morgan said...

I am not that much of one either, always preferred Laurel and Hardy for my old comedies.

Tom said...

I'm with you on Laurel and Hardy! Look forward to your comments on these films. I've only seen Barthelmess in Heroes for Sale, and he was good in that. I didn't know The Way of All Flesh is lost. Sad.

joe burns said...

I'll predict Jannings.

Louis Morgan said...

Tom: Glad to hear you like them too. Yeah and it is too bad about The Way of All Flesh which is the only film lost with an Oscar Winning performance.

Joe Burns: We Shall see.