Friday, 20 August 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1948

And the Nominees Were:

Cecil Kellaway in The Luck of the Irish

Jose Ferrer in Joan of Arc

Walter Huston in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Charles Bickford in Johnny Belinda

Oskar Homolka in I Remember Mama

Who do you pick? What do you predict my ranking will be?


Anonymous said...

Awful year, if you ask me.

I guess you'll go with Walter Huston...I'd pick Cecil Kellaway by shear default.

Fritz said...

lol, I had no idea that Cecil was nominated twice...

joe burns said...

Walter Huston will win, I think, though I know nothing about this year.

Tom said...

I predict Huston to be the victor. Great film. Although I might have nominated someone from Key Largo in this race.

dinasztie said...

1) Huston
2) Kellaway
3) Bickford
4) Homolka
5) Ferrer

Haven't seen Kellaway, but I would go with Bickford. I wasn't that impressed by Huston as I expected. He DEFINITELY deserved it for Dodsworth and he is said to be deserving in The Devil and DAniel Webster.

Anyway thanks for doing this year!

Louis Morgan said...

Sage: Sounds weak if win is for default only.

Fritz: I guess this one is more obscure.

Joe: We shall see.

Tom: Robinson and Barrymore would have been deserving from that film.

Dinasztie: Happy to see a ranked prediction. Also I am always happy to do a request.