Monday, 23 August 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1948: Cecil Kellaway in The Luck of the Irish

Cecile Kellaway received his first Oscar nomination for portraying Horace, a Leprechaun, in The Luck of the Irish.

Luck of the Irish is an okay film about a man torn basically between the country values and the city ones.

Kellaway is a key to the Irish roots of the main character by being a Leprechaun named Horace he meets while there. Kellaway's character here is not the most complicated ever, he is a typical Leprechaun, and serves the purpose of pushing the old timey sentimentality sort of thing. Kellaway really is perfect in the role even if the role is not all too complicated. He just seems perfect as a Leprechaun, Kellaway who actually is not Irish just seems to fit the part so well anyways.

His whole demeanor and voice just work perfectly for the part. He just plainly seems and is the Leprechaun because of his manner. Kellaway never needs to be believed he just is, He is just nice presence throughout the film. His performance never becomes a great one but just a nice one which is what he needs to be. He needs to be a pleasant remainder of the pleasantries of the old country life in Ireland. Kellaways does this completely without fault, and makes a Leprechaun as natural as possible.

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