Thursday, 19 August 2010

Best Actor 1928: Results

2. Charlie Chaplin in The Circus- Chaplin does his usual routine which consist this time of the typical silent overacting, but his physical movements are well done enough to a least be admired even if they did not make me laugh.

1. Emil Jannings in The Last Command- Emil Jannings gives a great performance which relies on subtlety and expert physical command to create an incredibly powerful performance.

Ranking of films
1. The Circus
2. The last Command


joe burns said...

This was an obvious victory..... So, 48 Supporting is next?

dinasztie said...

Great job. I saw this coming. :)

BTW I saw Harry and Tonto and Art Carney was unbelievable. Especially the scene where he identified his friend. So now I've seen all of the 1974 nominees and I can say that I totally agree with your ranking of that year.

Louis Morgan said...

Joe Burns: Yes I suppose it was obvious.

Dinasztie: Thanks. Glad to hear you agree on 74.