Monday, 16 August 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1997: Anthony Hopkins in Amistad

Anthony Hopkins received his fourth Oscar nomination for portraying the elderly John Quincy Adams in Amistad.

As much as I always am interested in history, and historical films this film bored me most of the time. It was too slow and stale and left most of the character underdeveloped. It does feel too much like a history lesson, but it does not even have all of its facts right.

Anthony Hopkins plays Quincy Adams who in this film is an old man but still involved in politics enough to help the slaves who revolted on the Amistad ship. As Adams, Hopkins drifts in and out of the film showing slight interest in the case early on and then eventually defending enslaved people in front of the supreme court. Hopkins is just fine in all of his scenes.  I like the voices he uses for Adams and he certainly looks a lot like Adams in this film. He does his best possible job at being Adams without ever really seeming to force any mannerisms or anything like that.  He does just a good job of being the historical person who he is portraying. His character is not overly complex and is a part that is more functionary. Still though Hopkins fully fulfills the function as well as possible. He sells Adams's age well and never does not seem as he should be. He mostly just has short little conversations that Hopkins does a fine job with, that is until the his final big speech in front of the supreme court. Hopkins does a very good job with the speech making it pretty effective abut still it is not one of the greatest ever, just a good end speech. Overall he is just fine throughout and I wish a little more of the movie had been about him because Hopkins does quite well even without really that complex of a character.


joe burns said...

Do you think that especially in the Best Supporting Actor category, a nominee is just fine especially?

Louis Morgan said...

Yes it it seems to me this category has the most just fine performances with far less exceptional performances. If that is what you were asking?

joe burns said...

Yeah, that's it.

I was just wondering which Best Actress years that you've seen four or more of them are?

Louis Morgan said...

I have seen four in

And five in

Malcolm said...

I can't say that my mind was blown by this awesome. But he does his small stuff really well.

I agree on what you have said, he should have been given more.

Anonymous said...

Thought the film was dreadful, and Anthony Hopkins did nothing to stand out.