Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Best Actor 1934: Results

3. Frank Morgan in The Affairs of Cellini- Frank Morgan plays a Duke in this film who is always worried and nervous. Morgan tries to be funny and he is a little bit at the very beginning of the film, but then his nervous act gets old fast.

2. William Powell in The Thin Man- Powell is in top form as Nick Charles. He is a perfect Sleuth to follow because of his perfect charm and wit, and his perfect chemistry with Myrna Loy.

1. Clark Gable in It Happened One Night- This is an interesting year because all three lead performances are comedy performances, I wonder is this is the only year where all the nominees are trying to be funny. Gable wins partially because he is the funniest as Peter Warne. Every scene he is in he is incredibly charming and his comedic timing could not be better. Also his chemistry with Claudette Colbert is astounding, so a well deserved win for "The King"

Deserving Performances:
Stan Laurel in Babes in Toyland
Oliver Hardy in Babes in Toyland
Henry Brandon in Babes in Toyland


Fritz said...

No surprise here! Great work, as usual!

joe burns said...

Just what I thought too!

Is Best Actor 05 next?

Louis Morgan said...

Fritz: Thanks.

Joe: Yes.

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