Saturday, 20 November 2010

Best Actor 1996: Results

5. Woody Harrelson in The People vs Larry Flynt- Harrelson is absolutely nothing special, and very standard for the first half of his performance but then the second half when he starts trying to imitate Flynt he is terrible.
4. Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade- I understand the point and the use of the character but this type of performance does not usually equal great acting to me. Also I never fully believed his character either which does not help a performance like this.

3. Geoffrey Rush in Shine- Rush I think does his mannerisms just fine and are close enough to the real deal, but still his performance never can really be amazing. He does succeed a little when he has the chance to show more but he also fails in his last scene.

2. Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient- I think there is something lacking in his character that holds him back, and I feel he was possibly trying too much at the beginning. Still though he succeeds well with the various aspects of the character. He shows the Count's romance, his struggles, and his end very well.

1. Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire- I was tempted to go with Fiennes but I felt Cruise's performance was technically a little better despite his lighter material. First he uses his star quality and charisma perfectly well in his performance here, but at the same time he still develops his character along with his usual charm. The changes of the character which are abrupt are handled well, and the notable scene of the film I feel are really notable because Cruise handles them as well as he does.


dinasztie said...

This was a weak year. You made me want to re-watch Jerry Maguire. I stick to Fieness at the moment though.

joe burns said...

I thought Fienes might win, but Cruise is a worthy choice.

An interesting year, but not really a strong one. Can you do Best Actor 1998 next?

Fritz said...

I'm a bit surprised but it seems Tom's performance became much more popular in the last years.

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: Well I am glad I could cause some interest in his performance.

Joe: I'll do that year soon, but I have another year I have been planning to do for awhile.

Fritz: Yes that seems to be true.

Sam said...

Geoffrey Rush in Shine is supporting and William Macy in Fargo is lead.
They should have swapped categories.