Saturday, 13 November 2010

Best Actor 1950: Results

5. Louis Calhern in The Magnificent Yankee- I will say it again that Calhern is just fine as Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, but only just fine.
4. Spencer Tracy in Father of the Bride- Spencer Tracy is very good in this film being both an interesting presence to follow through sometime purposely mundane situations, and fins the right amount of humor when he can.

3.Jose Ferrer in Cyrano De Bergerac- Ferrer is very strong in every speech he makes from his most explosively and overly dramatic ones to his more tender romantic ones. I do not think the film uses his performance particularly well, and Ferrer does not have anyone who can really act all that well with, but nonetheless gives a strong performance.
2.William Holden in Sunset Blvd.- William does an incredibly good job at being cynical, and finds the right if sometimes bizarre tone for his scenes with Gloria Swanson.

1. James Stewart in Harvey- I put him here because the film he is in and everything with in it would have been an absolute incredible failure if Stewart was not able to make Elwood such a likable, poignant, endearing, and most importantly believable character. Elwood is an incredible challenge and Stewart manages to meet it. 

Deserving Performances:
Toshiro Mifune in Rashomon


joe burns said...

I'm a little surprised, I thought ferrer would win, and that you wouldn't like stewart, but ah well!

Can you 1996 soon?

Louis Morgan said...

Me, not like Stewart, highly unlikely.

I apologize for forgetting about 96, but I will get to it after another year.

dinasztie said...

Oh, I found out that Stewart would win. I haven't seen him yet, so I stick to Holden.