Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Best Actor 1981

And the Nominees Were:

Dudley Moore in Arthur

Warren Beatty in Reds

Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond

Paul Newman in Absence of Malice 

Burt Lancaster in Atlantic City

Who do you pick and predict?


joe burns said...

Lancaster or Fonda will win, I think.

Did you hear about the remake of Arthur?

Anonymous said...

My pick is between Dudley Moore and Henry Fonda, with me leaning more towards Fonda.

dinasztie said...

For me this is between Lancaster and Fonda. But Moore is also great.

Anonymous said...

I've only seen Moore and I have to believe that the other four are better, not that he wasn't great but I don't think it was Oscar-worthy.

Brandon said...

Moore is the most memorable of all of these nominees, and he's great in Arthur. I need to see the movie again to speak of John Gielgud, but Minnelli is fantastic, and I agree with Sage in saying that she deserved a nomination.

But the remake will probably be really good, and most likely because Russell Brand is a great comedian, like Moore.

What did you guys think of Dudley in "Foul Play"? He was robbed of a nom for his work there, even though I think he was up for a GG.

dshultz said...

I'm gonna give it to Fonda, he really deserved it! Just a quick question, could you possibly do one of the following years next?:
1) 1954
2) 1957
3) 1982
4) 1980
5) 2007

some of my favorite actors are in those years, and I was just throwing out some options. Pretty good years if you ask me!

Louis Morgan said...

I will keep 2007, and 1982 in mind for years to come. I'd love to do 57, 54 and 80 just certain films in those line ups are hard to find.