Saturday, 20 November 2010

Best Actor 1937

And the Nominees Were:

Fredric March in A Star Was Born

Paul Muni in The Life of Emile Zola

Spencer Tracy in Captain Courageous 

Robert Montgomery in Night Must Fall

Charles Boyer in Conquest

Who do you pick, and predict? The drunken actor, Emile Zola, the guy who looks like he is drunk, the man who has more than smoking on his mind, or Napoleon Bonaparte.


Fritz said...

Since I just reviewed Irene Dunne I have to say here that Cary Grant was robbed of a nomination (but when wasn't he???).

I was underwhelmed by Spencer Tracy. Frederic March was excellent but I think my pick would be Paul Muni who was fantastic (and he was also great in The Good Earth that year, too).

Anonymous said...

Seen all of them, and my choice is Robert Montgomery who balanced his creepy role very well.

dinasztie said...

I was satisfied by Tracy. Muni was the other one I saw and out of the two, Muni is my pick probably. I was planning to watch Montgomery so many times, but never got to.

dinasztie said...


joe burns said...

I think I'll predict a win for March, but I really know nothing about this year....