Monday, 25 October 2010

Best Actor 2006: Results

5. Will Smith  in The Pursuit of Happyness- Smith simply is not very good here, he simply never is authentic as the person he is suppose to be playing, he always stays as just Will Smith, rather than Chris Gardner.
4. Peter O'Toole in Venus- Peter O'Toole is very strong showing the life, and lust of a washed up actor. The film is not particularly good, but O'Toole always stands out well despite this.
3. Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson- Gosling gives a brilliant understated performance, as a drug addict teacher. He never overplays single scene, and stays subtle almost throughout, except a few key scenes where he stands out incredibly well.
2. Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond- DiCaprio despite some weakness of the film's script, is incredibly strong here, in both a sense of creating interesting character and dealing with the changes of the character very well, and giving a strong leading man performance, which few actors could do as well.
1. Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland- Forest Whitaker is absolutely brilliant in every single scene in his film. He shows a man who is both absolutely insane, but also incredibly charismatic. It is an incredible challenge, and Whitaker achieves completely despite every challenge he must accomplish.
Deserving Performances:
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed
Daniel Craig in Casino Royale


Anonymous said...

I too think Dicaprio should have been in there for The Departed. Not to mention James McAvoy.

Fritz said...

Nice work! Seems like a good, but not great year.

Louis Morgan said...

Thanks. I would agree with that summation.

dinasztie said...

Good work, I agree with your pick.

joe burns said...

I've seen none of them, but I really want to see Gosling and all of the rest of the nominees.

Louis Morgan said...

You should watch them Joe, especially Blood Diamond, and the Last King of Scotland.

Michael Patison said...

I thing that DiCaprio should have been in there for The Departed, but I also think that Matt Damon should have been in there too. I felt that, outside of Whitaker and Gosling, the rest of the performances were lacking.