Monday, 11 October 2010

Best Actor 1929: Results

3. Chester Morris in Alibi- Chester Morris gives a rather standard gangster performance, he is not charismatic enough to be as manipulative as the character is, and his big final scene I do not know what to make out of it.
2. Paul Muni in the Valiant- In the Valiant Paul Muni is consistently fine, and quite good in his final moments, he never is great, but he never is bad either.  Also interestingly enough he never has his overacting moments as he does in his later performances.
1. Warner Baxter in In Old Arizona- Warner Baxter performance suffers only a little bit from its age. He really does make a very memorable character out of the singing bandit called the Cisco Kid. He is very good throughout and particularly strong when showing the darker side of the character.

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