Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Best Actor 1943: Results

5. Walter Pidgeon in Madame Curie- I think Pidgeon does a fine job with the role, but the role is just a bit too simple for anything amazing to come from it.
4. Gary Cooper in For Whom The Bell Tolls- Cooper gives a okay performance since he relies on his strengths in terms of his silent abilities, rather than his weaknesses.
3. Mickey Rooney in The Human Comedy- Rooney is actually surprisingly good, toning down his star persona to give an honest and very effective portrayal of a young man, who must deal with certain aspects of his life including the sad losses of World War II.
2. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca- Bogart gives a completely iconic performance, and everything he does as Rick Blaine seems to be perfectly Rick Blaine, that's all I can really say about his performance. Maybe it really is as perfect as some claim, or perhaps it is a weaker performance protected by its own iconic nature, very hard to tell for me.

1. Paul Lukas in Watch on The Rhine- Bogart's performance may be more iconic but Lukas's is the greater achievement in pure acting. I read one article that described Lukas's win as bad because any descent actor could have given the same performance, I must say that reviewer is completely wrong. Lukas's performance is brilliantly fleshed out by Lukas in scenes when he is not talking suggesting everything without words, and equally powerful showing the conflicting emotions involved with the character's fight with fascism. This was not a run of the mill performance, any actor could have done, Lukas went beyond that creating a fascinating portrait of man struggling with the world.
Deserving Performances:
Joseph Cotton in Shadow of A Doubt


Fritz said...

I haven't seen Paul Lukas yet but I will check him out. Maybe I will watch Casablanca today...

dinasztie said...

Wow, I gotta check Lukas out finally.

Fritz said...

If you take suggestions: I think these years would be very interesting:
1950, 1951, 1959, 1960 or 1969.

Louis Morgan said...

Well I hope you both like his performance as much as I do when you watch it. Also Fritz, I have a year in mind already for my next year, but I will keep those years in mind for later.

joe burns said...

Strong work! I'm not surprised Lukas won, he sounds fantastic.

I'd love to see 1981 or 1962 done soon.

Louis Morgan said...

Thank you Joe. I will keep those in mind too.