Sunday, 11 September 2011

Best Supporting Actor 2001

And the Nominees Were:

Jon Voight in Ali

Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast

Jim Broadbent in Iris

Ian Mckellen in The Fellowship of the Ring

Ethan Hawke in Training Day 


Anonymous said...

Nice choice, I predict McKellen or Kingsley. Voight will definately be last lol

dshultz said...

Ian McKellen all the way for me. Or Broadbent.

RatedRStar said...

1)Ian Mckellen
2)Ben Kingsley
3)Jim Broadbent
4)Ethan Hawke
5)Jon Voight
three good performances and 2 awful ones =D

Anonymous said...

I would go with Ethan Hawke, but that might just be me.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to choose among Broadbent, Kingsley, and McKellan.
Broadbent is borderline lead, so I think he's going to win.


RatedRStar said...

Its nice to get a difference of opinion on Hawke Sage so that it makes it more interesting as to where he might finish rather than everyone piking the same person 2 win so =D xx

mrripley said...

I feel this is a strong line up,my love as cooled for mckellen,still love kingsley and broadbent with broadbent having the edge,he gets everything about john murdoch so right,voight is a novelty nom more for the make up than anything,i never liked training day or hawke in it.

my own nominees

mckellen,kingsley,broadbent who is my winner plus

peter boyle in monster's ball
tony shalhoub in the man who wasn't there.

moviefilm said...

I have seen all of them, here is my ranking:
1) Jim Broadbent
2) Ian McKellen
3) Ethan Hawke
4) Jon Voight
5) Ben Kingsley

And your ranking could be:
1) Jim Broadbent
2) Ben Kingsley
3) Ian McKellen
4) Ethan Hawke
5) Jon Voight

Anonymous said...

Ian McKellen! Ethan Hawke is quite good but one of the most blatant category frauds ever, and Broadbent is pretty good. Haven't seen the other two.

joe burns said...

Great choice! I predict Kinglesey... the rest seem like they have no chance.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct on the reasoning behind you doing this particular year today?

P.S. I predict McKellen or Kingsley

Louis Morgan said...

Anonymous: The connection was purely by chance, I did not even notice it until you mentioned it.