Friday, 16 September 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1990: Results

5. Graham Greene in Dances With Wolves- Greene's  performance is not bad, but never anything really memorable either.
4. Al Pacino in Dick Tracy- Al Pacino goes full force over the top, which fits the role and is somewhat entertaining, but never extremely entertaining though.
3. Andy Garcia in The Godfather Part III- Garcia has a charm in the role, and manages to show the ambition of his character fairly well. He never reaches the emotional highs of Godfather predecessors though.
2. Bruce Davison in Longtime Companion- Davison gives a very good performance in his few pivotal scenes. He is less impressive in his other scenes, but still it is a strong performance.
1. Joe Pesci in Goodfellas- Pesci's performance is easily my win, since it is an example of a perfect supporting performance that only adds to his film.
Deserving Performances:
Robert De Niro in Goodfellas
Albert Finney in Miller's Crossing


dshultz said...

An easy winner, top to bottom. Pesci is insultingly underrated and underused these days. Can you do 1974 next?

Anonymous said...

Louis, the next time you come back to the 90s can you please do 1992 supporting actor?

dinasztie said...

Yeah. Easy winner.

What other awards would you give to Goodfellas?

mrripley said...

You think de niro is supporting?

RatedRStar said...

Joe Pesci rocks in both of this Oscar noms, maybe 65 or 77 next?

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: Picture, director, screenplay, supporting actress, perhaps a few more in the technical categories.

mrripley: I find he most certianly is supporting, Liotta is the only lead in Goodfellas.

Dshultz, Anonymous, RatedRStar: all requests will be kept in consideration.

Anonymous said...

Glad you included De Niro - most people would probably say he's leading, which for me, he goes somewhere in between.