Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1990

And the Nominees Were:

Al Pacino in Dick Tracy

Andy Garcia in The Godfather Part III

Joe Pesci in Goodfellas

Graham Greene in Dances With Wolves

Bruce Davison in Longtime Companion


RatedRStar said...

Joe Pesci was masterful, bruce davison was quite good too, pacino was average, I didnt like green and garcia.

1.Joe Pesci
2.Bruce Davison
3.Al Pacino
4.Graham Greene
5.Andy Garcia

RatedRStar said...

Pacino for Godfather Part 3 should have been nominated instead of Garcia and Pacino in Dick Tracy

Anonymous said...

Pesci has so got this in the bag

dshultz said...

Joe Pesci! "Funny how? Like a I'm clown?" I have no opinion of the others, but I did like Garcia quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

I hope Davison wins. Pesci was decent but one note in Goodfellas, there was no complexity to his performance at all

Anonymous said...

I think Joe Pesci is going to win, but my favorite is Bruce Davison; his "let go" scene alone is worth every acting award.


Anonymous said...

Joe Pesci is probably my favorite winner ever - I love him.

Malcolm said...

Garcia was near-perfect. Greene was subtle, very good. Pesci was also good, but way overrated.


1. Pesci
2. Greene
3. Davison
4. Garcia
5. Pacino

moviefilm said...

1) Joe Pesci
2) Bruce Davison
3) Andy Garcia
4) Graham Greene
5) Al Pacino

mrripley said...

Hi i love pesci but admit i sway to davison everytime isee him say goodbye to his partner knowing that this will happen to him too,garcia,greene and esp pacino were non starters for me,


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Anonymous said...

Pesci, no contest.

Edward L. said...

I have not yet seen Davison, but of the rest, I feel Pacino is the best. A masterful comic/cartoon performance. Great line deliveries through and through. Witty and brilliant body language. He gets me every time I watch this film.