Saturday, 10 September 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1989: Dan Aykroyd in Driving Miss Daisy

Dan Aykroyd received his only Oscar nomination so far for portraying Boolie Werthan in Driving Miss Daisy.

It is rather strange that Aykroyd was able to be nominated here, since the story is really all about Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) and her Chauffeur  Hoke (Morgan Freeman) not Daisy's son Boolie, but than again the academy does like to nominate comedians only when they are not playing non overtly comic characters. Boolie really is always just on the side of the proceeds, only more of commenting now and again on the relationship, never participating to any great extent.

I must say though despite the limitations of his part Aykroyd does give a pretty descent performance. He makes Boolie a rather likable character, and does have a certain charm in his part. Aykroyd makes Boolie a man who really wants what is best for his mother, and he fully does understand here. He also though does mind taking some gentle humor around her due to her stubbornness.

I certainly like what Aykroyd does with his part never overacting his reactions but keeping them rather simple but appropriately humorous. Also Aykroyd when possible shows that Boolie honestly cares for his mother through just a subtle warmness and ease he has in his scenes with Tandy. He never overplays it, but makes it wholly apparent.

After that Aykroyd just is not given a whole lot to do besides age, which I must say he does well, and really does not leave it only to the makeup. He carefully changes his mannerisms throughout to make a very natural progression as he ages. Otherwise than that Aykroyd gives a nice supporting performance, that really does support the two leads well. He is given few scenes to shine, but Aykroyd always stay good throughout the entire film.


Anonymous said...

Decent performance. Looking forward to seeing your reviews for Landau and Denzel. I think one of these guys will win

RatedRStar said...

Dan Akroyds always been a good actor, when he isnt selling out in crap that is =D lol

Anonymous said...

I agree it's an underapreciated performance.


Anonymous said...

Eh, probably one of the worst nominees I've seen.