Friday, 19 August 2011

Best Actor 1978

And the Nominees Were:

Gary Busey in The Buddy Holly Story

Warren Beatty in Heaven Can Wait

Jon Voight in Coming Home

Laurence Olivier in The Boys from Brazil

Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter


Anonymous said...

Hopefully De Niro, but Voight was tremendous in Coming Home. Either one of these guys would be a great pick

Fritz said...

I'm no fan of Fonda in Coming Home but Voigt was fantastic! But DeNiro was amazing, too.

RatedRStar said...

I think Voight will win, De Niro was great but overacted in some moments plus I thought he was outshined by Walken.

1) Voight
2) De Niro
3) Olivier
4) Busey
5) Beatty

Anonymous said...

De Niro, easily...

dinasztie said...

Voight for me. I thought Jane Fonda is also superb in Coming Home and their chemistry... it's astonishing. They worked brilliantly together. :) De Niro is great, too.

2)De Niro

Anonymous said...

Definitely Voight deserves this, I don't understand the love for De Niro's performance, I thought it was OK. Beatty will be last for sure because you hate him and Olivier may be a surprise since you love him.

moviefilm said...

I have only seen Voight, De Niro and Beatty and Voight is the best and De Niro is the worst. But your pick will probably be:

1) Jon Voight
2) Robert De Niro
3) Laurence Olivier
4) Gary Busey
5) Warren Beatty

dshultz said...

Gregory Peck should have been nominated for The Boys from Brazil, simply a fantastic performance. Either De Niro or Voight for me, I don't feel like choosing.

mrripley said...

Was hoffman in contention for straight time,love him in that,my pick is voight,agree on peck instead of olivier.

Anonymous said...

Only seen De Niro and Voight, and thought that Voight was leagues better here. De Niro was good too, though. Really interested to watch Busey pre-crazy though.