Saturday, 6 August 2011

Best Actor 1986

And the Nominees Were:

William Hurt in Children of A Lesser God

Bob Hoskins in Mona Lisa

Paul Newman in The Color of Money

Dexter Gordon in Round Midnight

James Woods in Salvador


RatedRStar said...

Hoskins was one note cockney, Newman was fine in a terrible film, havnt seen Gordon,, its a two horse race I feel between Hurt and Woods,, I think Woods will take it

Fritz said...

No idea, I have only seen Hurt.

Anonymous said...

Not a great year, but my vote would be between Hoskins and Newman. Gary Oldman gave the best performance for Sid and Nancy and unfortunately wasnt nominated

dinasztie said...

I've only seen Hurt.

Predictions (random):

mrripley said...

A poor year no room for harrison ford of jeff goldblum,my choice is hoskins but it is a type he plays so i don't know in hindsight whether woods or hurt are better,gordon i did not like and newman was way better before and after.

RatedRStar said...

Agree that Jeff Goldblum in the Fly and Harrison Ford in The Mosquito Coast should have been nominated over newman and possibly gordon who I'm not confident about.


RatedRStar said...

I keep switching James Woods and William Hurt however, Woods for his energy in a bad film, and Hurt for his charm and skill with Marlee Matlin =D

mrripley said...

I find william hurt v sexy in the 80;s.

RatedRStar said...

Agreed lol, not in Kiss of the spider Woman though lol even though (debatable) I think his performance in Kiss was the best gay performance Ive ever seen lol

Unknown said...

I wud like to ask u who do u think deserved best director for each yr from 1980-1989

Louis Morgan said...

Out of the Nominees:

1980: David Lynch - The Elephant Man
1981: Steven Spielberg - Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982: Wolfgang Peterson - Das Boot
1983: Bruce Beresford - Tender Mercies
1984: Milos Forman - Amadeus
1985: Hector Babenco - Kiss of the Spider Woman
1986: David Lynch - Blue Velvet
1987: Bernardo Bertolucci - The Last Emperor
1988: Charles Crichton - A Fist Called Wanda
1989: Jim Sheridan - My Left Foot


1980: David Lynch - The Elephant Man
1981: Peter Weir - Gallipoli
1982: Ridley Scott - Blade Runner
1983: Philip Kaufman - The Right Stuff
1984: Milos Forman - Amadeus
1985: Terry Gilliam - Brazil
1986: David Lynch - Blue Velvet
1987: Bernardo Bertolucci - The Last Emperor
1988: Robert Zemeckis - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
1989: Steven Spielberg - The Last Crusade

Tim said...

Louis Morgan wow, only two you agree with?