Sunday, 25 September 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1980

And the Nominees Were:

Jason Robards in Melvin and Howard

Judd Hirsch in Ordinary People

Timothy Hutton in Ordinary People

Michael O'Keefe in The Great Santini

Joe Pesci in Raging Bull


Anonymous said...

Hutton, no question, although I love Joe Pesci's performance too.

Anonymous said...

Alrightee! My favorite supporting actor lineup, with Hutton the undoubted winner. It is here that I enjoyed all five nominees to a great degree.

dinasztie said...

Can't you just give it to Hutton right now? :)


Anonymous said...

Hutton all the way

Anonymous said...

Hutton is phenomenal, I honestly don't even remember Hirsch, and Pesci is solid. Definitely a interesting year.

Malcolm said...


No question. He served the win. And he deserved to with LEAD. :)

moviefilm said...

1) Timothy Hutton
2) Joe Pesci
3) Jason Robards
4) Michael O´Keefe
5) Judd Hirsch

RatedRStar said...

2 Horse race between Hutton and Pesci =D

1. Timothy Hutton
2. Joe Pesci
3. Michael O Keefe
4. Judd Hirsch
5. Jason Robards

mrripley said...

Love hutton,o'keefe and pesci,roberds is ok as is hirsch,ordinary people gets a bad wrap due to raging bulls classic status but it has 6 magnificent perforamnces all deserving.

my nominees

timothy hutton - ordinary people
michael o'keefe - the great santini
david morse - inside moves
joe pesci - raging bull
levon helm - coal miner's daughter

dshultz said...

Pesci for me. Without a doubt. Hutton was great too, but I think Pesci did just as much if not more with a more complex character.

Anonymous said...

i think it's going to be between Timothy Hutton and Joe Pesci; my vote goes to Hutton (some people even consider him lead), but I would also like to praise Jason Robards' stunning acting in Melvin and Howard; in a very brief appearence he created the Howard Hughes persona so memorably. A haunting, indelible performance in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Hutton for sure.

O'Keefe is admirable in a rather low-key part.

Hirsch is excellent in a small part that could have been quite saccharine in a lesser performer's hands.

Robards is intriguing in a mysterious cameo.

Pesci okay, doing his Pesci thing in a rather overrated Scorsese flick.

Don said...

So you took my comment down, huh? Louis, I've always liked your blog and your writing, but you're protecting this cunt? This rat bastard who doesn't even have the balls to show us his own name? Come on man, you're better than that, don't be a ass like him.

Louis Morgan said...

Actually the deletion of your comment was merely accidental, I was deleting some spam comments, and accidentally hit yours.

Anonymous said...

Look, Don, I'm sorry if I've offended you. I was merely offering an opinion, like everyone else on this board. That's what they are: opinions, and not the absolute truth. Let's not get so worked up about this.

dshultz said...
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Don said...

No, I'm sorry. Personally, I think Goodfellas is Scorsese's most overrated film.