Saturday, 11 June 2011

Best Actor 1932: Results

3. Alfred Lunt in The Guardsman- Lunt plays a hammy actor in a hammy way, which would be fine if he was funny, or had some great chemistry with his co-star. Unfortunately Lunt never becomes more than slightly enjoyable on occasion, and there is absolutely no chemistry between he and his real life wife.
2. Wallace Beery in The Champ- There is never anything special about Berry portrayal as the Champ. He fails to add depth to his character when there is easily could have been, and fails to create a strong relationship with his co-star Cooper.
1. Fredric March in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Good prediction Dinasztie since you correctly predicted I would completely agree with the ranking the academy supposedly gave them in terms of votes. March is a very easy winner for me. His is not a perfect performance, and certianly is from its time, but where it succeeds it really succeeds. I think a lot of actors would play each side of man on a one note, but Fredric March plays them both in a far more complex fashion


Fritz said...

God, there are sooo many Best Actor nominees I haven't seen yet...but thankfully your reviews give me the feeling to know them still!

Anonymous said...

Eh, Jackie Cooper? I don't know about that one...thought he was just as bland as Beery, if not worse.

Louis Morgan said...

Well I did not think he was great or anything, but in this year I do not think you needed to be particularly strong to be deserving of a nomination. I thought Cooper was charming, but certainly better in Skippy. I would give him a 3.