Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Best Actor 1948

5. Dan Dailey in When My Baby Smiles At Me- Dailey's performance is okay but unimpressive when he is just trying to be charming, but when he tries to present the character's self destructive behavior he becomes quite bad.
4. Lew Ayres in Johnny Belinda- Ayres gives a nice pleasant performance as a really nice guy, it is not anything much more than that, but it is properly pleasant and warm.
3. Clifton Webb in Sitting Pretty- Webb gives a completely deadpan performance, which is quite amusing,effective and properly consistent.
2. Montgomery Clift in The Search- Clift's performance is much like Ayres, but I found it even more effective, in a really nice guy role. Clift portrays his part completely realistically, and has some very warm and honest moments throughout the film.
1. Laurence Olivier in Hamlet- Good prediction Dinasztie Laurence Olivier's performance is the only performance of these nominees that truly dominates his film, and his win really is the only option for me. Olivier is amazing from beginning to end as Hamlet, finding all the nuance, and complexity in the part. He never ever simplifies the part, even when he simplifies the play. This is a great performance by Olivier, and may just be his best.


dinasztie said...

Wow, 1948 is good for me predition-wise. I was correct with supporting actor, too.

Interesting thoughts, great work and Olivier is really the best pick. It's his 6th win, right? Or 5th "only"?

Could you do 1978 next?

Louis Morgan said...

It is indeed his sixth win.

Anonymous said...

Great job with these, is it 2002, 2009 or 2010 next? :)

Anonymous said...

Great! Please do 2002 or 2010!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've only seen 2 of them, but Olivier was much better then Lew A.

dshultz said...

No surprise here. Can you do 2002 or 2009 next?

Louis Morgan said...

It will be one of those two.