Saturday, 7 March 2020

Best Actor Backlog Vol. 1: Results

5. John Hurt in 1984 - Hurt gives a devastating of a portrait of a man slowly finding humanity only to have it immediately and violently expunged from his soul.

Best Scene: "I love you"
4. Sean Connery in The Offence - Connery plays into yet also against type in creating a brutal and powerful portrait of a man unraveling within his mental trauma from his work as a detective of the worst crimes.

Best Scene: What really happened.
3. Claude Laydu in Diary of a Country Priest - Laydu gives a moving portrait of a man curious descent as he becomes confounded by his duties intertwined within personal doubts.

Best Scene: Personal Confession.
2. Al Pacino in Scarecrow - Pacino gives one of his best performances in his expressive, endearing but also very moving portrayal of a man who tries to get through his tough life by bringing joy to others.

Best Scene: "Baptism"
1. Nicol Williamson in The Bofors Gun - Honestly watching this performance again, this work deserves far more recognition in general, as it is one of the most captivating and searing portrayals of a self-destructive man that I've seen.

Best Scene: Asking for an answer.
Next: Still 43 lead/supporting, which judging by what I've seen so far, will not be a lineup, not that they're bad performances, just haven't found anything *too* remarkable yet.


Jack Narrator said...

In celebration of International Women's Day ... Let's talk about some Overall Rankings for best lead actress and supporting actress that Louis has not yet spoken about.

RatedRStar said...

Hans Albers - Münchhausen
Fred MacMurray - Above Suspicion
Thorkild Roose - Day Of Wrath
Joseph Cotten - Journey In Fear
Monty Woolley - Holy Matrimony

This was my lineup that I would suggest for ideas, I think you will be curious about the original Baron Munchausen film.

Jack Narrator said...


1. Taraneh Alidoosti in The Salesman
2. Lily Glladstone in Certain Women
3. Michelle Williams por Manchester byu the Sea
4. Felicity Jones in A Monster Calls
5. Viola Davis in Fences
6. Hayley Squires in I, Daniel Blake
7. Nicole Kidman in Lion
8. Naomie Harris in Moonlight
9. Greta Gerwig in 20th Century Women
10. Kate Dickie in The Witch

1. Amy Adams in Arrival
2. Isabelle Huppert in Elle
3. Min-hee Kim in The Handmaiden
4. Natalie Portman in Jackie
5. Sonia Braga in Aquarius
6. Ruth Negga in Loving
7. Anya Taylor-Joy in The Witch
8. Emma Suárez in Julieta
9. Sandra Hüller in Toni Erdmann
10. Emma Stone in La La Land

Jack Narrator said...


1. Suzanne Clément in Mommy
2. Lindsay Duncan in Birdman
3. Jessica Chastain in A Most Violent Year
4. Kim Dickens in Gone Girl
5. Julianne Moore in Maps to the Stars
6. Mia Wasikowska in Maps to the Stars
7. Emma Stone in Birdman
8. Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria
9. Carrie Coon in Gone Girl
10. Katherine Waterston in Inherent Vice

1. Essie Davis in The Babaddok
2. Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl
3. Marion Cotillard in Two Days, One Night
4. Anne Dorval in Mommy
5. Hilary Swank in The Homesman
6. Juliette Binoche in Clouds of Sils Maria
7. Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow
8. Nina Hoss in Phoenix
9. Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Beyond the Lights
10. Jessica Chastain in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Bryan L. said...

Jack Narrator: He’s done lineups like that, man. You just have to look them up in the Results pages for those years.

Jack Narrator said...


1. Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina
2. Marion Cotillard in Macbeth
3. Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight
4. Cynthia Nixon in James White
5. Rebecca Hall in The Gift
6. Rebecca Ferguson in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
7. Tessa Thompsonin Creed
8. Kate Winslet in Steve Jobs
9. Rachel Weisz in Youth
10. Laura Linney in Mr. Holmes

1. Rooney Mara in Carol
2. Cate Blanchett in Carol
3. Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years
4. Emily Blunt in Sicario
5. Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road
6. Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn
7. Alicia Vikander in Testament of Youth
8. Alicia Vikander in Danish Girl
9. Brie Larson in Room
10. Camila Márdila in The Second Mother

Mitchell Murray said...

Well guys, I think you'll be interested to know that I've joined the dark side....and by dark side, I mean the more negative camp of "Joker". I've now re-watched it to be more fair to 2019's best actor field, and man did that not do the movie any favors! I was truly amazed at the apathy I felt for the film this time around, since knowing what was going to happen took any level of mystery away from the main story - though its not like the direction/editing itself was being especially detailed. No, what I came to feel on re-watch pretty much reflects the thoughts you all addressed for it: Not terrible, but just a flashy, highly derivative imitation of far greater films, with no true creativity or merit in its own technique.

As for Phoenix....drum roll please....he is now my least favourite of the field. Its a close call between him and Pryce, but as limited as Pryce was in some aspects of his film, he at least managed a strong, consistent and accurate interpretation of Pope Francis. That said, Phoenix is a 4.5 for me as I still found him to be effective throughout (YES, even in that talk show scene which I felt did reflect Arthur's progressive derangement, and did not come across as too "actory".) It's admittedly disappointing to feel that Phoenix finally won his oscar, for what arguably his 5th/6th best performance, but there have been far weaker wins in the catagory, so I'm content as is.

Mitchell Murray said...

So, final ranking for 2019 best actor:

1) Driver (5)
2) DiCaprio (5)
3) Banderas (4.5)
4) Pryce (4.5)
5) Phoenix (4.5)

Lucas Saavedra said...

Louis: how well do you think Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler would in the role of Otto West?

Louis Morgan said...


Stiller I'd say would be just a variation, more accurately copy, of White Goodman/Tony Perkins, funny but I'd say probably limited. Sandler is an interesting prospect as though he's a comic actor, he's never been in a great comedy, but I could see his intensity serving the role well, while also delivering on that essential comedy. In fact I could envision, Sandler menacing say a Simon Pegg or Martin Freeman, while eating fish or hanging a Steve Coogan out a window quite easily.

Calvin Law said...

I just can’t really see either of them as Otto to be honest looks wise, I think you definitely need someone a bit more (pseudo) suave in the role to couple with the comic energy like Glenn Howerton, Chris Pine, I could even see Christian Bale in the role.

Calvin Law said...

Louis: thoughts on ‘The Ghost’ from Patrick Doyle’s score to Hamlet? I think that’s among his best work and watching it again recently is probably my favourite scene in the film.

Luke Higham said...

RIP Max Von Sydow

Mitchell Murray said...

Rest in piece, Mr. Sydow.

What a great actor he was.

Calvin Law said...

RIP Max Von Sydow.

Tahmeed Chowdhury said...

Rest in peace, Max Von Sydow.

ruthiehenshallfan99 said...

Rest in Peace, Max Von Sydow.

RatedRStar said...

RIP Max Von Sydow

Wonderful actor, a legend in every possible way

Maciej said...

RIP Max von Sydow

John Smith said...

My heart is broken. Max Von Sydow was such an inspiration for everyone involved in the craft of acting in sweden. He lived a full life and his place in the culture of cinema and art in general will never be forgotten.

Må du vila i frid Max Carl Adolf von Sydow

Tim said...

Farewell, Max von Sydow. May he R.I.P.

Razor said...

RIP Max Von Sydow

Psifonian said...

In honor of Big Max, I'd love to see Louis do a Von Sydow retrospective post.

Bryan L. said...

RIP Max von Sydow

Bryan L. said...

Calvin: Fair point, but I wouldn’t want to stop Sandler from doing a great comedy for once.