Saturday, 26 January 2019

Best Supporting Actor 2018: Results

5. Sam Rockwell in Vice - I have seen some greater vitriol to this towards this performance, which I find is unnecessary as he struggles to even get to be seen without getting hidden by some fish cutaway. Rockwell gives us all his audition to play George Bush, not bad, maybe some day we'll actually get to see him play the part.

Best Scene: Scene from the trailer (no fish edits so it's better).
4. Mahershala Ali in Green Book - Ali essentially gives an Oscar winning performance in terms of conception. Conception mind you, and the formula for this seems a little too obvious even in his own work that occasionally becomes a bit stilted or over the top. It is not entirely bereft of merit, and he has some decent lighter moments in the film.

Best Scene: How he learned to play music. 
3. Adam Driver in Blackkklansman - Driver gives a good understated turn here portraying well the sort of two sides of a guy playing the fake part of a racist, while also being a not racist professional under cover cop. Although the personal focus on his character is limited, Driver does make the most of what he has to deliver a consistently compelling turn.

Best Scene: Thinking about his Jewish heritage.
2. Sam Elliott in A Star is Born - Elliott's role is excessively brief, with his story line being excessively rushed, however he delivers every second he is onscreen to give a moving and complex portrayal of an older brother struggling to deal with his mess of a younger brother.

Best Scene: Backing up. 
1. Richard E. Grant in Can You Ever Forgive Me? - Good Predictions John Smith, Omar, Luke, GM, RatedRStar, Matt, Charles, Robert, Michael McCarthy, Emi Grant and Tahmeed.  Grant wins this in a walk in his effortlessly delightful, yet also surprisingly poignant portrayal of a man who sort of dances around on the fringes of society.

Best Scene: A final request. 


Robert MacFarlane said...

Am I allowed to request one from this year?

Matt Mustin said...

My request is Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut for Lead Actor 1999.

Louis Morgan said...



Robert MacFarlane said...

Russell Hornsby in The Hate U Give

Charles H said...

My request is Tadanobu Asano in Harmonium for 2016 lead.

Bryan L. said...

Not a particularly great group of nominees I guess, though I'm glad three of these gents received their first nomination.

Louis: Your 80s cast and director for Blackkklansman?

Emi Grant said...

Louis: I think I won too.

Also, Which would you say have been the worst snubs of supporting actor from this decade?

Bryan L. said...

Emi: Albert Brooks in Drive would be one for me.

Michael McCarthy said...

My request is John Savage in Inside Moves for 1980 Lead.

GM said...

I predicted it right in Rockwell's review, does it count?

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Can you check the lineup page again, I won the prediction as well.

Luke Higham said...

Mine was:
1. Grant
2. Elliott
3. Driver
4. Ali
5. Rockwell/Chalamet

Emi Grant said...

Bryan L: Oh, definitely.

Charles H said...

Emi: Well, in terms of who came very close i'd say Javier Bardem in Skyfall.

RatedRStar said...

BIG NEWS and I am so happy about this

Louis and Everyone: If you weren't aware of this there is a new
Siskel and Ebert website, it was done by the same person who did the original, not every review from the previous website is there but a lot of it is, and the creator (FirstMagnitude) says that all of them should be on by March/April 2019. Seems way easier to use than the awkward original site.

Louis Morgan said...


Ron Stallworth: Denzel Washington
Flip Zimmerman: John Turturro
Patrice: Angela Bassett
David Duke: Mark Hamill
Klan Members: Michael Wincott, John C. McGinley, Pruitt Taylor Vince
Jerome Turner: Ossie Davis,
Dr. Beauregard: Hal Holbrook
Kwame Ture: Forrest Whittaker

Emi Grant:

Albert Brooks - Drive
Javier Bardem - Skyfall
Ben Foster - Hell or High Water
Idris Elba - Beasts of No Nation
Benicio Del Toro - Sicario

Louis Morgan said...


Glad to see that.