Thursday, 7 July 2011

Best Actor 1988

And the Nominees Were:

Tom Hanks in Big

Max von Sydow in Pelle the Conqueror 

Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man

Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning

Edward James Olmos in Stand and Deliver


RatedRStar said...

Hoffman easy for the win, hardly anybody here stands a chance except maybe Hackman. Jeremy Irons should have nominated for Dead Ringers and William Hurt should have been nominated for the Accidental Tourist

joe burns said...

No idea, this year seems weak-ish for this category.

Anonymous said...

Interesting year, I have no idea about what you'll choose but I certainly doubt you'll go with Dustin Hoffman because you don't seem to like this type of performance.

Anonymous said...


I have no preference...

RatedRStar said...

ah I forgot you dont usually like performances of characters like Hoffmans so I guess Hackman for the win now lol

RatedRStar said...

2.Von Sydow

Anonymous said...

I hope Hoffman doesnt win, I love him as an actor but hes overrated here and was out-acted by Tom Cruise. Hopefully Hackman or Sydown win

mrripley said...

Well 3 of these in my book should be replaced with irons in dead ringers,malkovich in dangerous liasons & whitaker in bird,i like hoffman and hackman but cannot say i have a preference for either since my top 3 aren't in the line up so i'd go on memory with hoffman.