Friday, 15 July 2011

Best Actor 1933: Results

3. Leslie Howard in Berkeley Square- Howard's performance simply takes the wrong approach from the beginning, investing too little into the whole story, then suddenly trying to invest everything.
2. Paul Muni in I Am a Fugitive From A Chain Gang- Muni gives a realistic performance that effectively portrays the journey of a man which slowly deteriorates him.
1. Charles Laughton in The Private Life of Henry VIII- There was no question to me who was the strongest this year, because Laughton performance simply stands far above the rest. He gives a fulfilling, funny, powerful and very entertaining portrait of Henry VIII.


Anonymous said...

Well, this was really an obvious ranking, I hope Laughton gets at least in the top 30! Would it be possible for 1953, 1966, 2002 or 2010 to come next? ;)

Louis Morgan said...

Yes it would be.