Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Best Actor 1975: Results

5. James Whitmore in Give 'Em Hell Harry!- This simple truth about this performance is it should not have been nominated. This is not a performance for film, it was performed for an audience in the theater not for the the person watching the film. This abundantly clear throughout the film in his theatrical performance, that is completely unrelenting, and is rather awkward to watch.
4. Walter Matthau in The Sunshine Boys- Matthau performance is not all that funny to me in most of his scenes. In most scenes I found him rather annoying, but he makes up for it somewhat due to every scene with George Burns, because their scenes are wonderful.
3. Maximilian Schell in A Man in the Glass Booth- Schell whole performance really is nuts, but a glorious nuts. He is incredibly entertaining in his insanity, as well as does his very best to manage the concepts of his character.
2. Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon-  Pacino simply makes so many risks with this performance from his manic ways, to his voice he uses, to the extreme emotional range found in Sonny, and the thing is they all pay off completely, this is truly a great performance.
1. Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Nicholson excels in every single moment of his performance here. It is a perfect role for Nicholson, and Nicholson knows it. He gives an entertaining magnetic performance, that could not be a better lead for his film.
Deserving Performances:
Michael Caine in The Man Who Would be King
Sean Connery in The Man Who Would be King


Anonymous said...

Nice One =D 1986 plzzz im curious as to whether you believe Paul Newman should have won

mrripley said...

1988 next a weired year when they gave hoffman no competition.

Anonymous said...

I think Warren Beatty should have been nominated for Shampoo - he was at least better then 3 of the nominees.

Louis Morgan said...

Well I have not seen Shampoo in a long while, so I really need to refresh by memory about Beatty.

joe burns said...

I knew from when I read Pacino's profile, he would win.

2002 or 2009 next!

dshultz said...

YES! Pacino definitely deserved to win this, he was awesome. And yeah, 2009 next, or 2002!!!

Louis Morgan said...

I appreciate all the requests but the next year I have already decided on and it will be from the only decade left with three years.

dinasztie said...

OMG! I disliked Beatty in Shampoo!

Anyway, no surprise in your pick.