Thursday, 16 June 2011

Best Actor 1963: Albert Finney in Tom Jones

Albert Finney received his first Oscar nomination for portraying the titular character in Tom Jones.

Tom Jones is a rather unorthodox comedy about the romantic misadventures of the title hero.

Albert Finney really is technically not required to do an abundance as Tom Jones. Tom is not one of the most complicated characters, he is in fact a  rather simple one, but what Finney does need to do as Tom is required of him constantly, as well as with excess. What is this that Finney has to be, well he has to be a lively, charming fellow throughout the whole film. He really is not allowed to stop being this way, except perhaps at the very end of the film when tom is about to be hanged but that's it.

Well Finney is up to this task quite well in fact, and seems just perfect for the role of Tom Jones. Finney always has constant energy, and the right youthful charm throughout his performance. Finney does not really leave one questioning any of the accomplishments has with many of the lusty women he has his various affairs with. As well as there is no question to his more meaningful relationship with his dream woman Sophie Western (Susannah York) becuase Finney is just plainly too charming.

Finney simply throws himself into every scene as Tom, he never for a moment seems to be slacking off in the part, and is thoroughly enjoyable to watch through each of his moments in the film, whether it is getting into a sword fight, a fist fight, or whatever Finney is enjoyable to watch. Finney always just has the right reactions, expressions and movements. Finney is just immensely likable that is all there is to it, and although it is not a particularly complex part, this is a wonderful performance. I really think that without Finney I doubt Tom Jones would have been the success it was.


dinasztie said...

He was great, I think.

Fritz said...

I agree, he was great.

Anonymous said...

Tom Jones is one of my favorite Best Picture winners - absolutely fantastic.