Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Best Actor 1959: Results

5. Paul Muni in The Last Angry Man- Paul Muni's performance is frustrating because he shows some honest moments in his performance, but what perpetuates throughout most of his performance is a lot of overacting.
4. Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot- Jack Lemmon's performance is one loved by many, I find he is good myself infusing a lot of energy into his part, but I just did not like him as much as most people seem to.
3. Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur- Charlton Heston's performance is not at all perfect, but it works incredibly well for the film. His strong presence carries this epic the whole way through. 
2. Laurence Harvey in Room at the Top- Besides some very small nitpicks this is an almost perfect performance by Laurence Harvey. He shows a fascinating portrait of man filled with hate, and ambitious, but as well as something underneath the rough surface.
1. James Stewart in Anatomy of a Murder- Good prediction Dinasztie. The only reason Stewart really tops Harvey for me is that Harvey had almost unnoticeable flaws, where Stewart is flawless. The reason Stewart is the best of the year though is because of how brilliant, entertaining, funny, effective he is in this role. Paul Biegler really could have been a lackluster role in lesser hands but Stewart shows what how an old pro can truly bring the absolute best out of a role.
Deserving Performance:
Cary Grant in North by Northwest


Tom said...

I think Lemmon might have won Best Supporting Actor if was in that category.

Fritz said...

I think Jack Lemmon as supporting would be category fraud at its worst...

I haven't seen James yet but he surely sounds great.

dshultz said...

YES! STEWART! This marks his third win, doesn't it? It's a Wonderful Life, Harvey, and now, Anatomy of a Murder! Stupendous!

dinasztie said...

OMG, I was right, I'm so glad. LOL

Great work and thanks for doing this year that I requested.