Friday, 18 March 2011

Best Actor 1961

And the Nominees Were:

Paul Newman in The Hustler

Stuart Whitman in The Mark

Maximilian Schell in Judgment At Nuremberg

Spencer Tracy in Judgment At Nuremberg

Charles Boyer in Fanny

 Well here it is the most requested year. I frankly do not know how almost everyone was so interested in this year exactly, but I guess I'll see how it is.


dshultz said...

Thank you! the reason I requested it so much was Newman and Schell, two incredibly different performances from two equally incredible actors. Whenever I think of Newman, Fast Eddie Felson comes to mind before anything else. I haven't seen much of Schell beyond Judgement, but he was great. This will be a good year.

dinasztie said...

For me, it's Newman. Schell is also great.


Anonymous said...

I really hope it's one of the two from Nüremberg!

joe burns said...

Great!!!! I just find this year so interesting, I "ll predict Newman...

Tom said...

I predict Boyer will be last. If I recall the film correctly, I think his was more of a supporting role.