Friday, 28 May 2010

Best Actor 1985

And The Nominees Were:

Harrison Ford in Witness

William Hurt in Kiss of the Spider Woman

Jon Voight in Runaway Train

James Garner in Murphy's Romance

Jack Nicholson in Prizzi's Honor

Who Do you Pick? Who Do You Predict?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the easiest pick so far...William Hurt.

Personally, I think this is a weak year, espeically Jack, who was terrible IMO.

joe burns said...

I've seen none of them, but I'll predict Hurt.

dinasztie said...

I'm saying Hurt as my win, but personally I liked Nicholson.

Malcolm said...

I think there's an easy pick: Hurt.

But I predict it would turn out to be

2. Voight
3. Ford
4. Nicholson

Honestly, though, I haven't seen none of them. But this could be it. I'm excited though!

joe burns said...

And off-topic, but A Star Is Born is going to be on TCM on the 19th of next month, if that helps with 54. Here's a link for more info:

Louis Morgan said...

Thanks Joe, I will try to watch it but that still leaves me to find Robinson Crusoe before I can do 1954.