Friday, 17 January 2020

Best Supporting Actor 2019: Results

5. Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Pitt delivers an entertaining turn here as he manages to deliver on sort of the promise of the proper leading man he was always intended to be, with his relaxed yet always engaging performance.

Best Scene: Tripping and killing.
4. Anthony Hopkins in The Two Popes - Hopkins goes beyond perhaps the call of his material, in creating an intimate, complex and moving portrayal of a man compromised by his beliefs and his failure to live up to them.

Best Scene: Confession.
3. Tom Hanks in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Hanks gives a wonderful performance here as he manages to not only convincingly evoke the presence of Mr. Rogers, but more importantly makes his essential philosophy tangible.

Best Scene: Speaking of his family.
2. Al Pacino in The Irishman - Pacino returns to cinematic greatness in his brilliant portrayal of Jimmy Hoffa, that creates the sense of the man's presence, as a politician, a schemer, a father and a friend, while also creating the heartbreaking descent through the realization of that unshakable pride that gets the best of him.

Best Scene: Final conversation with Frank at the gala. 
1. Joe Pesci in The Irishman - Good predictions Luke, Mitchell Murray, moviefilm and Psifonian. Despite my love for the other top performances here, and really this is a fantastic lineup overall, I'll admit I didn't have a second thought on declaring the winner. Pesci returns to film, and doesn't lose a second in giving yet another masterful turn for Martin Scorsese, every time he's been Oscar nominated. This time completely subverting his usual depiction of gangsters, to give such an unforgettable and vivid portrait of a most powerful man, who wields it with but a whisper or, at times, even less.

Best Scene: "He's going, either way"


Luke Higham said...

Louis: I also won the contest as well. The first comment on the lineup page.

Luke Higham said...

I'm saving my request for a little while.

Mitchell Murray said...

I said this on the last review, but I wanted to repeat it since the overall line up came so soon...I'm actually holding out on seeing "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" because I promised my mom we would watch it together. Mr. Rogers meant so much to her growing up, and while I was to young for him to be a part of my childhood, knowing who he was, what he did and how many people he helped makes me admire the guy all the more... In regards to Hank's review, I'm also just thrilled to see him getting a 5 and for FINALLY breaking his run of bad oscar luck post "Cast Away".

Say what you will about the other decisions they made this year, but the academy did a damn good job nominating these five men. It's a terrific line up and even if Pitt ends up winning, I certainly won't mind as its simply a very good performance from an actor reaching a new career highlight.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe I get to request a performance having predicted the line up...
I'm requesting William Hurt in "The Village" for alternate supporting actor 2004. I saw the film a while's slow and misguided, perhaps, but technically speaking its rather beautiful in its music and period design. It also has the greatest ensemble cast Shamalayan has ever brought together, of which Hurt makes the biggest impression, I feel.

Luke Higham said...

Mitchell: I haven't seen it in years but that's a good choice.

Aidan Pittman said...

Looks like me and Louis will be sharing the same supporting actor winner this year (unless Kang-ho takes it, who's also brilliant, probably my #3 behind him and Pacino).

Louis: Your Top 15 Tom Hanks acting moments?

Robert MacFarlane said...

In regards to Hanks, maybe I just had a different reading on the performance, but what appealed to me about the performance was that Hanks kind of played it with a very subtle amount of darkness. Like the interview scene at his house, you could see that even his infinite patience was being tested. There’s a calculated element to some of his pauses. I described the movie to someone as Silence of the Lambs with the world’s kindest sociopath, and while I meant that in jest, that’s also kind of my reading on the film itself? The film is way abstract than it gets credit for.

Emi Grant said...

Louis: Which supporting line-up do you prefer, this one or the 2017 one? I personally wasn't as passionate for Jenkins as some others were, which is why I'm slightly giving the edge to this one.

Lucas Saavedra said...

Louis: your top 16-20 Tom Hanks acting moments?

Emi Grant said...

Also, crazy story here, guys. I think I just got a role on some weird art performance video of sorts from a friend where I'm required to play a woman. Any tips?

Bryan L. said...

Robert: I picked up on that as well. I saw a little darkness in Hanks eyes during that interview scene.

Emi: Hhmmm...just don’t do anything Redmayne did in The Danish Girl and you’ll be fine. :p

Matt Mustin said...
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Matt Mustin said...

Robert: I kind of read it as a subtle pain and certainly a bit of anger (which is supported by the end of the film), as if the constant negative questions were starting to get too much for him, but he didn't want to deal with it in that moment.

Calvin Law said...

My interpretation is the same as Matt’s.

Louis: would OJ Made in America be classified as a theatrical release or a television miniseries documentary in your books?

Anonymous said...

Louis: Your top 5 Joe Pesci performances, and your top 20 favorite acting moments of his.

Louis Morgan said...


1. Ending - Captain Phillips
2. Questions about his family - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
3. Negotiating with the CIA second time - Bridge of Spies
4. I'm sorry Wilson - Cast Away
5. First call with Frank - Catch Me If You Can
6. Performing as Daniel - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
7. Getting serious - Sully
8. Final Meeting with Rooney - Road to Perdition
9. No Crying - A League of their Own
10. Intro - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
11. Making Fire - Cast Away
12. Negotiating with the CIA first time - Bridge of Spies
13. No longer the captain - Captain Phillips
14. reliving it - Sully
15. Delivering the letter - A League of Their Own
16. Air Plane - Catch Me If You Can
17. Trying to reason - Captain Phillips
18. Walt's story - Saving Mr. Banks
19. Watching the massacre - Cloud Atlas
20. Seeing his fiancee - Cast Away

Emi Grant:

This one.


Film, as it did have a theatrical release where it was played in one day.