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Alternate Best Actor 1963: Results

10. Peter Breck in Shock Corridor - Breck gives a rather underwhelming performance that fails to grant the needed detail to his character's mental transition and his relationship to the other mental patients.

Best Scene: Asking about the murder.
9. Steve McQueen in Love With a Proper Stranger - McQueen gives an effective alternative performance from him that realizes his hapless failure as romantic, which is a far cry than his typical cool characters.

Best Scene: Seeing the abortionist. 
8. Alberto Sordi in Il Diavolo - Sordi gives an effective sort of observational turn that offers both comedy and a bit of poignancy in his portrayal of a tourist not quite getting what he expects from his travels.

Best Scene: Confession. 
7. Maurice Ronet in The Fire Within - Ronet gives a rather effective portrayal of a festering depression that manifests itself in different forms over the course of a day.

Best Scene: Final party.
6. Michael Redgrave in Uncle Vanya - Redgrave manages to find comedy and the right degree of pathos in his portrayal of a man who hates his existence to the point he can't help but laugh.

Best Scene: Finally breaking.
5. Marcello Mastroianni in The Organizer - Mastroianni gives an effective atypical turn from him in his off-beat portrayal of a passionate activist.

Best Scene: Final speech.
4. Gunnar Björnstrand in Winter Light - Björnstrand gives a distant though striking turn as a man whose crafted an existence through rejection of emotion and thought that would otherwise pain him.

Best Scene: Telling his truth. 
3. Robert Shaw in The Caretaker - Shaw gives a powerful internalized portrayal of a man psychologically broken however still attempting to make a human connection.

Best Scene: His story. 
2. Patrick McGoohan in Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow - McGoohan gives a great turn as every facet of his masked hero, from the menacing "villain" that is the scarecrow, to the affable, if seemingly harmless, parson, and the cunning man beneath each ruse. 

Best Scene: The official trial.
1. Burt Lancaster in The Leopard - Good predictions Robert, Luke, BRAZINTERMA, Charles, Tahmeed, Michael McCarthy, RatedRStar, and Bryan. Lancaster reveals his greater versatility once again in his convincing portrayal of his cunning and charismatic prince's method but also a powerful portrayal of his final melancholy.

Best Scene: Alone during the party. 
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Luke Higham said...

Steiger - Hands Over The City
Cole, Wymark and Keen - Dr. Syn
Bates - The Caretaker
Von Sydow - Winter Light
Anil Chatterjee - Mahanagar

Ratings and thoughts on the rest of the Lead Performances

Your 1963 winners.

And Female Top 10s with ratings and other 4+ honourable mentions.

Robert MacFarlane said...

My request is River Phoenix in Stand By Me for 1986 Best Actor

Luke Higham said...

And did you re-watch This Sporting Life.

Luke Higham said...

Robert: I'm so glad you went with Phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Louis, Your thoughts on The Haunting and Lord Of The Flies.

Calvin Law said...

Wow pretty big changes. Have to say - Newman deserves this win, and I absolutely love a lot of the performances he beat out.

Bryan L. said...

Newman for the win? Hhmmm interesting...

Anyone here catch the leaked teaser for Tenet?

Matt Mustin said...

Bryan L: Yes. Nothing to say, it is indeed a teaser.

Matt Mustin said...

Thinking more about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I think I would've liked it better if it was entirely about Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth and everything else was cut out completely or otherwise *GREATLY* reduced.

Calvin Law said...

Bryan: Yep, pretty cool they’re promoting John David Washington so heavily. Excited to see him as a Nolan lead.

Bryan L. said...

Calvin: The music for the film already sounds like it'll be great, although we indeed will have to wait to see more. Can't wait.

RatedRStar said...

Luke: Which year is more likely to come next, 2004 or 2007?

Luke Higham said...

RatedRStar: Out of those two, 2004 but 2001, 02 and 00 will come before then and there's also 2009 which came before 2004 during the alternates though I'm sure Louis could do 04 before 09 during the bonus round.

Luke Higham said...

*bonus rounds

RatedRStar said...

My winning request is Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in 2046.

Luke Higham said...

My request is Yūya Yagira in Nobody Knows.

Emi Grant said...

Just out of curiosity guys, would it upset any of you if I eventually requested Banderas for Dolor Y Gloria this year? I feel I can't insist on his performance enough.

Luke Higham said...

Emi: I personally prefer requests for the year being made until after the nominations have been announced and I think it would be best to see the rest of the contenders first then request Banderas if you're still adamant about it.

Calvin Law said...

Suddenly had a great idea for a 2010s Hud but set in Ireland instead, directed by Martin McDonagh.

Hud: Colin Farrell
Homer: Liam Cunningham (perfection if I might say)
Lonnie: Alex Lawther
Alma: Ruth Wilson

Tahmeed Chowdhury said...

Calvin: Cunningham as Homer is just perfect.

Tahmeed Chowdhury said...

Louis: Did you watch the Island of Dr Moreau?

RatedRStar said...

Emi: Why would we be upset? haha its up to you who gets requested, Antonio Banderas isn't guaranteed for an Oscar nomination, if anything it is a safe bet if you request him, he will get reviewed regardless if he gets Oscar nominated or not.

Emi Grant said...

Luke: Got it

RatedRStar: I don't know, just a thought since (like this last couple of years) we might be loaded for contenders for a review.

Matt Mustin said...

Emi: We're definitely not at the moment.

RatedRStar said...

Emi: Its only August so we can't tell just yet but if you are worried that Banderas might not get nominated, which is entirely possible, always play it safe =D.

Anonymous said...

Louis: I don't know if you're familiar with The Spirit comics, but back in the 70's, Friedkin tried to adapt it and so did Brad Bird back in the 80's. If someone was to make a better film, who would you cast as The Spirit?

Matt Mustin said...

Anonymous: A Brad Bird Spirit would be amazing.

Louis Morgan said...

Watched Fighting With My Family, which I enjoyed even if it wasn't anything particularly notable. Also Watched Hobbs and Shaw, which gets a bit too goofy occasionally, but was still entertained by its ridiculousness. Aided greatly by Leitch's direction, and I greatly preferred it to the far more critically lauded John Wick 3, as this year's over the top actioneers go.

Fighting with my Family:

Pugh - 4
Lowden - 4
Headey - 3
Frost - 3
Vaughn - 3
Johnson - 3

Hobbs & Shaw:

Johnson - 3.5
Statham - 3.5
Elba - 3
Kirby - 3.5/4
Gonzalez - 2
Marsan - 3
Mirren - 2.5
Curtis - 3


Hasegawa - 4.5(Very effective performance as essentially four characters. In that first you have the soft actor who seems harmless to all. Within that though is the vengeance seeking killer that he switches on a dime with a grim effectiveness. Within that even though is this middleground of this secretive cunning and confidence that he reveals so convincingly from the softer surface. This against the fourth character where he gives just a charming average Joe style performance that works just as a contrast to the tricky actor.)

McGoohan - 4.5(Wonderful work from him as he obviously did not take a Disney project as an excuse not to give it his all. He does so again in first giving a rather effective cold turn as the man who is persistent in his scientific view that it is to his own detriment. He eases away at this quite effectively in reveling first with a real passion the disgust that initially created the character's cold side, to gradually revealing the real warmth and love within the man that had been hidden by the bitterness. Terrific work that just elevates the entire film by his presence.)

Mastroianni - 4.5(Three different performances from him, and he's quite good in all three. In the first he's just a rather amusing workaday husband though with a particularly comic element of the man being worn out by his sex requirement to keep his wife pregnant. His second performance he's really in a different element of his that of the generalized ennui here realized in a difficult relationship. He creates the right distance with Loren in these scenes in portraying the awkwardness of the man as he creates the right lack of certainty to
every romantic moment. This until his final moment where he reveals such a striking bit of certainty as the man's had enough. He's downright hilarious in his final sequence, every second of it, as the shyer and very fixated man. Mastroianni is quite effectively not smooth at all in portraying the character's lusts, particularly in his hilarious final reactions.)

Heston - 4(A terrific Heston turn quite honestly, it's a shame that the film wasn't better, as this is a rock solid turn from him. He really hits the emotional beats so effectively while bringing that needed presence as always.)

Wayne (Reef) - 4(Always found it strange that Wayne didn't do romantic comedy more, because its a great gear for him. That is certainly the case here where he doesn't quite hit Quiet Man heights, but really is a delight in a similar vein to that performance.)

Lewis - 3.5(He'd be lower as his shtick, as both Buddy Love and the professor is funny but it gets a bit tired after awhile.

Louis Morgan said...

Belmondo - 3.5(He's actually more than decent here, but there just is something lacking in the character as written. He offers a fine sort of blithe manner, with something deeper pushing on the sides, but the film doesn't let him take the next step.)

Gleason - 3.5(A strange film all things considered, Gleason being in a particularly odd spot in the random mix of serious and comedic scenes. Gleason delivers on each better than McQueen does yet he can't quite cohere them perfectly, try as he might.)

Manfredi - 3.5(A more than amusing turn, that is mostly one note, but effectively so in portraying the character's continued unease at the situation he is placed. He's good at building on that discomfort just as everyone assures him nothing will go wrong, but nothing every seem to right.)

Lancaster - 3.5(A fine turn from him, just really limited in the scheme of the film. Lancaster's good though in sort of his teacher moments where brings enough of a warmth, though purposefully compromised, against effective stern moments that underlined by a strict conviction of values.)

Reed - 3.5(Reed's terrific as the cold manipulator with a vicious edge, however he does go a bit big now and again. It isn't quite assured Reed, though as the film proceeds to its more ridiculous ends he too gets a bit ridiculous.)

Wayne - (McLintock) - 3(A bit more ill-advised attempt to recreate the Quite Man, I guess, but far less effectively through his western persona. That clash a bit and this just seems like a far more standard turn that is less effective for the tone. Also the final sequence of this is kind of how the Quiet Man brawl could've gone all wrong.)

Davion - 3(Not a terrible straight man, if fairly forgettable.)

Gleason - 3(He's charming enough but there isn't too much for him to play with here.)

Garner - 3(Decently charming with enough comic timing, however he's no Cary Grant here.)

Piccoli - 3(He's fine in portraying the malaise of the compromised husband and artist. His performance though is rather repetitive in the end, thankfully not as much as the obnoxious film, but it doesn't amount to much in the end.)

Aubrey - 2.5(Best of the child actors, but that isn't saying much. He at least has any presence, but still underwhelming in terms of creating a character.)

McQueen - 2.5(Also a bit of a different type from him but far less effective. This as he plays the part seemingly in a way that would be more fitting for say an Andy Griffith type, and it just comes off as a bit strange. He's not terrible, in fact quite good in his brief final dramatic moments, but just a misstep mostly for him.)

Mann - 2(Bland performance that is completely overshadowed by his co-star. This is to the point that he really hinders the film he's in.)

Pollock - 2(He does have a certain magnetism, but he just doesn't really act the part. He's unfortunately quite bland.)

No regarding the Sporting life, his "Lift" was based on staying power in general. Will re-watch during supporting however.

Louis Morgan said...


1. Ingrid Thulin - The Silence
2. Rachel Roberts - This Sporting Life
3. Jeanne Moreau - Bay of Angels - 5
4. Audrey Hepburn - Charade
5. Daliah Lavia - Il Demonio - 4.5
6. Sachiko Hidari - The Insect Woman
7. Gunnel Lindblom - The Silence
8. Sophia Loren - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - 4.5
9. Natalie Wood - Love With a Proper Stranger
10. Judy Garland - A Child is Waiting - 4


Julie Harris - The Haunting - 4
Janet Leigh - Bye Bye Birdie


1. Patricia Neal - Hud
2. Ingrid Thulin - The Silence (though tempted to give her the double win)
3. Joan Plowright - Uncle Vanya
4. Ethel Merman - It's a Mad...World
5. Claire Bloom - The Haunting - 4.5
6. Lilia Skala - Lilies of the Field
7. Joan Greenwood - Tom Jones
8. Edith Evans - Tom Jones
9. Joyce Redman - Tom Jones
10. Lotte Lenya - From Russia With Love


Rosemary Harris - Uncle Vanya
Julie Christie - Billy Liar
Susannah York - Tom Jones
Annie Girardot - The Organizer
Francine Berge - Judex


The Haunting is a fantastic horror piece in creating a film based on sheer mood, with a rather unique protagonist in really the mentally disturbed. The sound design, production design and cinematography are all fantastic in creating just a lurid and striking atmosphere. One of the best haunted house films I've seen, and deserves mentions along with The Innocents for amazing 60's horror.

Lord of the Flies seems perfunctory as the scenes just lay there. I think this is partially on the minimalist direction but even more so on the child performances that are quite underwhelming across the board. This robbing any real emotional power to any facet of the story even in the should be traumatizing deaths.


I am, and aware of the disservice done by Frank Miller. Oddly enough based on his work in Sin City 2, Joseph Gordon-Levitt could work for a younger take, Liev Schreiber for an older grizzled take.

Bryan L. said...

Louis: Thoughts on the casts for Hobbs & Shaw and Fighting with My Family?

Kirbys' character reminded me a bit of Ferguson in MI: Rogue Nation, though she doesn't reach those heights, but still solid. Mirren felt wasted this time around.

Bit surprised Vaughns a 3 for the latter though.

Louis Morgan said...

Vaughn's a 3.5.

Alexa said...

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