Thursday, 26 May 2016

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1971: Results

5. Elliot Gould in The Touch - A downright atrocious performance that fails on every level, and is quite bizarre to witness in a Ingmar Bergman film.

Best Scene: When he's off-screen. 
4. David Gulpilil in Walkabout - Gulpilil does not have a great deal to work with, but gives an honest portrayal of his character.

Best Scene: The failed mating ritual. 
3. Edward Fox in The Go-Between - Fox manages to be more than background largely in a single scene where he brilliantly realizes exactly what his character is going through.

Best Scene: Leo asks Hugh about Ted.
2. Ian McShane in Villain - McShane, despite dealing with a terrible co-star, gives an engaging and complex portrait of a gangster's closest associate. 

Best Scene: Vic goes to Wolfe after his mother dies.
1. Alain Delon in Red Sun  - Delon creates a memorable and appropriately smooth villain who acts as worthy foe for the all-star pairing at the center of the film, which is quite an achievement.

Best Scene: Catching Kuroda and Link off guard.
Updated Overall Rank

Next Year: 1985 Lead


GM said...

Tatsuya Nakadai - Ran
Aleksey Kravchenko - Come and See
Ken Ogata - Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
Klaus Maria Brandauer - Colonel Redl
Eric Stoltz - Mask
Anton Glanzelius - My Life as a Dog
James Mason - The Shooting Party
Robert Duvall - The Lightship
Albert Brooks - Lost in America

Calvin Law said...

'Best scene: When he's offscreen' LOL

No real suggestions for 1985 beyond Nakadai. But just to say, really happy about the 3.5 for Fox, glad you mentioned his brilliant one scene.

Maciej said...

Griffin Dunne - After Hours
Mikki Manojlović - When Father Was Away on Business
Tatsuya Nadakai - Ran

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Your Ratings for the rest of The Go-Between Cast.

Apart from Kravchenko, my suggestions are:
Tatsuya Nakadai - Ran
Klaus Maria Brandauer - Colonel Redl
Eric Stoltz - Mask
James Mason - The Shooting Party or Clint Eastwood - Pale Rider

Robert MacFarlane said...

Eric Stoltz in Mask
Tatsuya Nakadai in Ran
Griffin Dunne in After Hours
Jeffrey Combs in Reanimator
Ken Ogata in Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

RatedRStar said...

I had put 10 people down for 1985, I understand if you dont do 10, might be worth looking at some of the ones that dont get in however

Aleksei Yevgenyevich Kravchenko - Come and See
Tatsuya Nakadai - Ran
Eric Stoltz - Mask
James Mason - The Shooting Party
Gene Hackman - Twice In A Lifetime
Griffin Dunne - After Hours
Clint Eastwood - Pale Rider
John Cusack - The Sure Thing
Albert Brooks - Lost In America
Timothy Hutton - The Falcon And The Snowman

Luke Higham said...

Louis: I'll switch Mason/Eastwood with Ogata.

Luke Higham said...

I think the lineup is gonna be:
Nakadai - 5
Kravchenko - 4.5/5
Brandauer - 4.5/5
Ogata - 4.5/5
Stoltz - 4.5/5
And if Louis really likes him, then Dunne as an extra.

Luke Higham said...

In all honesty Louis, I think you should review 10.


Anonymous said...

The only problem with having 10 is that it will take a long long time for 85 to end which cannot be helped of course.

Anonymous said...

I just realised, how was Edward Fox never approached to be James Bond after Connery, he would have been perfect lol.

Luke Higham said...

Anonymous: If Louis' able to work at a faster pace now, then it shouldn't be much of a problem, though if he's still gonna work at a slower pace with these Lead reviews, then he should stick with five.

And Louis' probably gonna choose the four performances that would interest him the most. Those being the ones I've mentioned a couple of comments ago.

Luke Higham said...

*would likely interest him the most.

Deiner said...

Please review Griffin Dunne in After Hours.

Alex Marqués said...

I think 5 performances is enough.

Anonymous said...

Luke: Out of those 10 you've listed, I've seen Nakadai, Eastwood, Kravchenko and Hackman. This is probably one of the best years.

Luke Higham said...

Alex: The only reason I went with 10 as an option for Louis, is due to Brandauer (I'm a fan) possibly missing out, as it's either him or Dunne that gets that final spot. If he does miss out, then I'll still have Kravchenko & Nakadai to look forward to.

Anonymous: Your rating & thoughts on Kravchenko & Nakadai and ratings for Eastwood & Hackman.

Anonymous said...

Luke: Well, all I have to say about Kravchenko and Nakadai is that they were outstanding (both are 5's) and I'd give both 4,5's to Eastwood and Hackman.

Tahmeed Chowdhury said...

Aleksei Yevgenyevich Kravchenko - Come and See

Finally saw Civil War. It was pretty damn amazing.

Ratings for the cast:
Downey- 5 (his best performance as Tony Stark. Plus, he's absolutely perfect in the third act)
Evans-4.5 (He just is Captain America. He anchors the film really well, and I never doubted his conviction at all)
Johansson-3.5 (her best performance as Black Widow. She's completely consistent.)
Sebastian Stan-4 (I felt he somehow managed to be sympathetic, and he has great chemistry with Evans)
Holland- 4 (The best Spider-Man yet. His portrayal is the closest I've ever seen that almost captures the essence of the Spiderman comics. Also, he's pretty damn hilarious, and plays off Downey perfectly)
Mackie, Cheadle and Renner- 3.5 (All of them were solid, and I really have no complaints)
Boseman- 3 (His arc over the film was pretty well done. I just had a few slight problems with his accent, but I got used to it)
The rest of the cast-2.5 to 3
It's the best film I've seen this year.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Saw the new X-Men. Zzzzzzzz.

Luke Higham said...

Saw Alice Through The Looking Glass. Zzzzz. Came very close to walking out after 30 minutes.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Seen anything new lately.

Calvin Law said...

Tahmeed: Really, a 3 for Boseman? I mean his accent was his own creation altogether, I thought it was really strong. Although each to his own.

Michael McCarthy said...

Louis, are you planning on seeing The Nice Guys anytime soon? I'm curious to hear what you think of the cast.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: And X-Men: Apocalypse.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: I almost forgot, The Witch.

Louis Morgan said...


Christie and Bates - 3(Both are limited by the setup of the film and do not manage to thrive in it as well as Fox. They still fulfill the needs of their respective roles, but that's about it)

Leighton - 3.5(She's mostly in the background as well for much of it, but in the final sequence stands out well as she fully reveals her character's bitterness that ensures the end of the affair. Also she's rather good in, I'm pretty sure, providing the sad voice over for the older version of Christie's character)

Redgrave - 3(He's quite haunting and makes an impact even though he basically has nothing to do.)

Guard - 3(He does no give a great child performance by any means, as his character always remains a bit too emotionally passive through his portrayal, but he's at the very least is natural in the role)

Michael & Luke:

X-men tonight, I lobbied for The Nice Guys, but compromises must be made. I'm going to try to see the nice guys soon though. I'll see the Witch eventually.

Anonymous said...

Louis: What are your overall thoughts on these actors:
Clint Eastwood
Don Cheadle
Liev Schrieber
Harrison Ford
Samuel L. Jackson
John Cazale