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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1991: Results

5. Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever- Jackson gives a very good performance playing his crack addict quite effectively, and is easily the best part of his film.

Best Scene: Gator tries to get money from his mother one time too many. 
4. Laurence Fishburne in Boyz N The Hood- Fishburne gives a strong performance portraying both the kind wisdom and the strength of his character's authority in equal measure.

Best Scene: Furious gives his son words to live by. 
3. Ted Levine in The Silence of the Lambs- Levine goes for playing Buffalo Bill as just downright disturbing and succeeds at being so.

Best Scene: You know the line.
2. Gary Oldman in JFK- Oldman gives a compelling performance as Lee Harvey Oswald that accomplishes making him into a fascinating character despite only appearing in brief and often silent flashbacks.

Best Scene: The flashbacks of Oswald on the day of the assassination. 
1. John Goodman in Barton Fink- My pick of the five and win overall goes to John Goodman for his portrayal here. Goodman is absolutely brilliant in his portrayal that is charming, humorous, heartbreaking and chilling all as the same character.

Best Scene: The Life of the Mind. 
Overall Rank:.
  1. John Goodman in Barton Fink
  2. Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs
  3. Gary Oldman in JFK
  4. Joe Pesci in JFK
  5. Donald Sutherland in JFK
  6. Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  7. Ted Levine in The Silence of the Lambs 
  8. Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  9. Alan Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply
  10. Michael Lerner in Barton Fink 
  11. Laurence Fishburne in Boyz N The Hood
  12. Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever
  13. Michael Rooker in JFK
  14. Ice Cube in Boyz N The Hood
  15. Charles Bronson in The Indian Runner
  16. Kevin Bacon in JFK
  17. Tony Shalhoub in Barton Fink 
  18. Richard Dreyfuss in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
  19. Rip Torn in Defending Your Life 
  20. Klaus Maria Brandauer in White Fang
  21. John Candy in JFK  
  22. Alan Rickman in Close My Eyes 
  23. Russell Crowe in Proof
  24. Patrick Swayze in Point Break 
  25. John Mahoney in Barton Fink  
  26. Timothy Dalton in The Rocketeer
  27. Jack Lemmon in JFK
  28. William Sadler in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
  29. Roy Scheider in Naked Lunch  
  30. Jay O Sanders in JFK  
  31. Ned Beatty in Hear My Song
  32. Isaach de Bankole in Night on Earth
  33. Omar Sharif in Mayrig
  34. Harvey Keitel in Thelma and Louise 
  35. Tommy Lee Jones in JFK 
  36. Donald Sutherland in Backdraft
  37. Jon Polito in Barton Fink 
  38. Derek Jacobi in Dead Again
  39. Danny Glover in Grand Canyon
  40. Johnny Murphy in The Commitments
  41. Tom Courtenay in Let Him Have It
  42. Jean-Claude Dreyfus in Delicatessen
  43. Dustin Hoffman in Hook  
  44. Klaus Michael Gruber in The Lovers on the Bridge
  45. William Richert in My Own Private Idaho
  46. John Turturro in Jungle Fever
  47. Robin William in Dead Again
  48. Andrew Strong in The Commitments
  49. Ian Holm in Naked Lunch
  50. Cuba Gooding Jr in Boyz N The Hood
  51. Bob Hoskins in Hook 
  52. Scott Glenn in The Silence of the Lambs 
  53. Robert De Niro in Backdraft
  54. Giancarlo Esposito in Night on Earth
  55. Joe Mantegna in Bugsy 
  56. Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots! 
  57. Joe Morton in Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  58. Max Perlich in Rush 
  59. William Hootkins in Hear My Song
  60. Armin Mueller-Stahl in Night on Earth
  61. Gary Busey in Point Break
  62. Dan Hedaya in The Addams Family 
  63. Dante Basco in Hook 
  64. Roberto Benigni in Night on Earth
  65. Robert Downey Jr. in Soapdish 
  66. Richard Berry in Mayrig
  67. Max von Sydow in Europa
  68. Stephen Lang in The Hard Way
  69. Sam Waterston in The Man in the Moon
  70. Sam Elliott in Rush
  71. Wayne Knight in JFK 
  72. Max von Sydow in The Ox
  73. Paul Sorvino in The Rocketeer 
  74. Bruno Kirby in City Slickers 
  75. Nathan Lane in Frankie And Johnny
  76. Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear
  77. Stan Shaw in Fried Green Tomatoes 
  78. Kurt Russell in Backdraft
  79. Tom Waits in The Fisher King 
  80. Seymour Cassel in White Fang
  81. Jean-Francois Balmer in Madame Bovary
  82. Ving Rhames in Homicide
  83. Edward Asner in JFK
  84. Alan Arkin in The Rocketeer 
  85. Jerome Flynn in Edward II
  86. Wayne Knight in Dead Again
  87. Colm Meaney in The Commitments 
  88. Richard Gere in Rhapsody In August 
  89. Anthony Heald in The Silence of the Lambs 
  90. William Sadler in Rush
  91. George Segal in For the Boys 
  92. Adam Arkin in The Doctor
  93. Scott Glenn in Backdraft
  94. William H. Macy in Homicide 
  95. John Lynch in Edward II
  96. Udo Kier in Europa
  97. Kyle MacLachlan in The Doors
  98. Cary Elwes in Hot Shots!
  99. Ossie Davis in Jungle Fever  
  100. Ernst-Hugo Jaregard in Europa
  101. Ian Holm in Kafka
  102. Joe Don Baker in Cape Fear
  103. Michael Jeter in The Fisher King
  104. Elliot Gould in Bugsy 
  105. Michael Madsen in Thelma and Louise
  106. Rick Moranis in L.A. Story
  107. Walter Matthau in JFK
  108. Morris Chestnut in Boyz N The Hood  
  109. Brian Doyle Murray in JFK
  110. Noble Willingham  in The Last Boy Scout
  111. Ian Glen in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 
  112. Fred Melamed in Shadows and Fog
  113. Władysław Kowalski in The Double Life of Veronique
  114. Jack Palance in City Slickers
  115. Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise
  116. Ben Kingsley in Bugsy
  117. Charlie Korsmo in Hook
  118. Martin Short in Father of the Bride  
  119. Mario Van Peebles in New Jack City 
  120. Daniel Stern in City Slickers
  121. Delroy Lindo in The Hard Way
  122. Christophe Malavoy in Madame Bovary
  123. John Cusack in Shadows and Fog
  124. Jeffrey Tambor in Life Stinks
  125. Richard E. Grant in L.A. Story 
  126. Taylor Negron in The Last Boy Scout
  127. James Remar in White Fang
  128. Judd Nelson in New Jack City 
  129. Jessie Ferguson in Boyz N The Hood
  130. Christopher McDonald in Thelma And Louise 
  131. Chris Rock in New Jack City
  132. Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 
  133. Anthony Quinn in Jungle Fever
  134. Sean Connery in Highlander II
  135. Michael Ironside in Highlander II 
  136. John Malkovich in Shadows and Fog
  137. Diego Abatantuono in Mediterraneo
  138. Claudio Bisio in Mediterraneo
  139. Giuseppe Cederna in Mediterraneo
  140. Claudio Bigagli in Mediterraneo
  141. Spike Lee in Jungle Fever
  142. John Candy in Nothing But Trouble
  143. Dan Aykroyd in Nothing But Trouble 
  144. John C. McGinley in Point Break
  145. Gailard Sartain in Fried Green Tomatoes
  146. Christian Slater in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  147. John C. McGinley in Highlander II
  148. Jeroen Krabbe in The Prince of Tides
  149. Jason Gould in The Prince of Tides
Next Year: 2010 Lead


Michael Patison said...

Such a brilliant year.

For 2010, I don't remember what was requested, but here are 5 or 6 performance recs:
Michael Douglas in Solitary Man
Robert Duvall in Get Low
Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine
Ewan McGregor in The Ghost Writer
Andy Serkis in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Lambert Wilson in Of Gods and Men

Maciej said...

Ryan Gosling - Blue Valentine
Vincent Gallo - Essential Killing
Ewan McGregor - The Ghost Writer
Leonardo DiCaprio - Shutter Island
Danny Trejo - Machete ( :D )

Anonymous said...

Robert Duvall- get Low
Leonardo DiCaprio- Shutter Island
Ryan Gosling- Blue Valentine

Anonymous said...

When you next come back to review 00's could it please be 2001?

Louis Morgan said...

Yes I'll probably do 01 after the lead and supporting of 10.

nick wingerter said...

My mind is so blank on 10.

RatedRStar said...

Michael Douglas - Solitary Man
Robert Duvall - Get Low
Ryan Gosling - Blue Valentine
Leonardo DiCaprio - Shutter Island
Andy Serkis - Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

M.D. Perkins said...

Great list of supporting actor performances from 1991. I also liked seeing Ice Cube at 11 on your master list.

Gustavo H. Razera said...

LOL your own nominees are much better than the Academy's!