Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2008: Results

5. Eddie Marsan in Happy-Go-Lucky- Marsan a good supporting performance through the film, and even helps Hawkins's performance come alive more in their scenes through the extreme differences of their characters.
4. Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight- I would not quite put his performance quite up there with Ledger and Oldman, but on his own he creates his character's journey effectively and gives a strong performance throughout the film.
3. Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading- This is a great performance from Pitt, and  it could not be a better comedic portrayal of an idiot.
2. Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight- Oldman gives a moving performance making Commissioner Gordon a truly three dimensional character.
1. Ralph Fiennes in In Bruges- Good Predictions Lezlie and Michael Patison, feel free to name a year and a performance. Fiennes easily wins this year, and I must say I really did consider giving him the overall. I love every aspect of this performance every one of his scenes are amazing as he is both an imposing villain but as well an always hilarious character.
Overall Rank:
  1. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
  2. Ralph Fiennes in In Bruges
  3. Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight
  4. Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder
  5. Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading
  6. Tsutomu Yamazaki in Departures 
  7. Josh Brolin in Milk
  8. Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight
  9. Jason Butler Harner in Changeling 
  10. Liev Schrieber in Defiance 
  11. Eddie Marsan in Happy-Go-Lucky
  12. Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder
  13. John Malkovich in Burn After Reading
  14. Anthony Mackie in The Hurt Locker
  15. Viggo Mortensen in Appaloosa 
  16. Matthew McConaughey in Tropic Thunder 
  17. Ralph Fiennes in The Duchess 
  18. Richard Jenkins in Burn After Reading
  19. Liam Cunningham in Hunger
  20. Giancarlo Giannini in Quantum of Solace
  21. J.K. Simmons in Burn After Reading 
  22. Peter Dinklage in Prince Caspian 
  23. Kevin Bacon in Frost/Nixon 
  24. Jeff Bridges in Iron Man 
  25. Anil Kapoor in Slumdog Millionaire
  26. Mark Strong in Body of Lies
  27. Bill Irwin in Rachel Getting Married
  28. Jordan Prentice in In Bruges
  29. Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road
  30. Michael Caine in The Dark Knight
  31. Nick Nolte in Tropic Thunder
  32. Morgan Freeman in The Dark Knight 
  33. Chin Han in The Dark Knight
  34. Ralph Fiennes in The Reader
  35. Jeffrey Wright in Quantum of Solace
  36. Russell Crowe in Body of Lies
  37. Haaz Sleiman in The Visitor
  38. Brian Geraghty in The Hurt Locker
  39. Jamie Bell in Defiance
  40. Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight 
  41. William Hurt in The Incredible Hulk
  42. Mathieu Amalric in Quantum of Solace
  43. Warwick Davis in Prince Caspian
  44. Jay Baruchel in Tropic Thunder
  45. David Harbour in Revolutionary Road 
  46. Danny Mcbride in Tropic Thunder
  47. James Franco in Milk
  48. Tim Roth in The Incredible Hulk
  49. Sam Rockwell in Frost/Nixon
  50. John Malkovich in Changeling
  51. Oliver Platt in Frost/Nixon
  52. Jeremy Irons in Appaloosa  
  53. Greg Kinnear in Ghost Town
  54. Terrence Howard in Iron Man
  55. Brandon T. Jackson in Tropic Thunder
  56. Emile Hirsch in Milk
  57. Jack Black in Tropic Thunder
  58. Ray Winstone in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  59. Jeffrey Donovan in Changeling 
  60. Bee Vang in Gran Torino
  61. Chris Messina in Vicky Christina Barcelona
  62. John Hurt in  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  63. Diego Luna in Milk
  64. Shia Laboeuf in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
I should note I only listed supporting performances that I at least remembered in some way.

Next Year: 1985 Supporting


Michael Patison said...

What kinds of scores would you give to Jason Butler Harner and Liev Schreiber?

As for 1985:
Wilford Brimley in Cocoon
Crispin Glover in Back to the Future
Danny Glover in The Color Purple
Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future
M. Emmet Walsh in Blood Simple

As for my request, there are just so many years with great alternate supporting performances, but I guess I have to start somewhere. So I'll go with 1988 Supporting and go with Tim Robbins for Bull Durham.

JamDenTel said...

When you do alternate 2011 Supporting Actors, I suggest Kiefer Sutherland or Johnn Hurt in Melancholia, Seth Rogen in 50/50, Patton Oswalt in Young Adult, or one of the many fine supporting performers from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Anonymous said...

When you do 1993 Louis can I reccomend

Gene Hackman- The Firm
Sean Penn- Carlito's Way
Val Kilmer- Tombstone
Ben Kingsley- Schindler's List
Harvey Keitel or Sam Neil- The Piano

Lezlie said...

This really is a great year, with many worthy performances. Congrats Michael for you predictions :)
As for my request, when you get to supporting performances in the 2000s again, would you please do 2001, and review Sean Bean in The Fellowship of the Ring?

RatedRStar said...

Eric Stoltz - Mask
Daniel Day Lewis - My Beautiful Laudrette
M. Emmet Walsh - Blood Simple
Christopher Lloyd - Back To The Future
Chrispin Glover - Back To The Future

moviefilm said...

I loved Emile Hirsch in Milk! He was the best in show! What didn't you like about him? :)

Louis Morgan said...

Michael: I would give Harner a 4.5 and a Schrieber a 4. Although I do need to see both those films again since I have not watched them since 2008.

JamDenTel/anonymous: I will certainly keep all of them in mind.

Lezlie: Sean Bean an interesting choice, I will certainly include for 01 which will be the next supporting year form that decade.

moviefilm: I thought he was basically a shorter version of Penn's performance which is not a good thing.