Sunday, 5 June 2011

Best Actor 1995

And the Nominees Were:

Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking

Anthony Hopkins in Nixon

Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

Richard Dreyfuss in Mr. Holland's Opus

Massimo Troisi in The Postman


Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking this year! this is a tough one, but I think Penn, Cage or Hopkins for the win

Anonymous said...

3 highly acclaimed performances (Cage, Hopkins & Penn) that I have yet to see. This should be exciting!

Anonymous said...

Interesting year! I hope Troisi or Hopkins wins! Penn should be last, he was good overall but he had some really bad scenes in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

My predictions:
1. Penn
2. Hopkins
3. Cage
4. Dreyfuss
5. Troisi

Anonymous said...

Sean Penn without even blinking.

joe burns said...

I've seen three of these and I'd think I'd pick Penn. Cage is good, but hollow, and Hopkins is a mess, just like the whole movie.

mrripley said...

i love penn,think cage is overrated,dreyfuss does wonders with a cliched role and sappy movie,not seen troisi & hopkins is miscast.

Grady Tripp said...

I haven't seen Dreyfuss yet, but this is my own rating:

1 Penn
2 Cage
3 Hopkins
4 Troisi

dinasztie said...

Penn, easily.


I expect Penn and Cage to get high grades and the others to get rather low ratings.

Anonymous said...

Penn is great but i agree with the academy (and almost any other critics)here.I'm no fan of Cage overall but here he is simply outstanding.

dshultz said...

Somewhere between Penn, Hopkins and Cage, they're all equally great, but I think Hopkins may have had more to do with his role, the movie touched a lot of bases.