Friday, 17 June 2011

Best Actor 1963: Results

5. Rex Harrison in Cleopatra- Harrison is the only performance that stands far apart from the others, which is a bad thing. Harrison is miscast as Caesar, and his at ease style may work well for Henry Higgins but as Julius Caesar it leaves much to be desired.
4. Albert Finney in Tom Jones- Finney gives a brilliantly charming performance that is winning during every moment that he has.
3. Richard Harris in This Sporting Life- Harris gives a complex and powerful performance, which shows the depth of what may seem like the depth less. Sure he channels Brando, but he channels Brando well.
2. Sidney Poitier in Lilies of the Field- Poitier gives a wonderful performance, filled with charm, and charisma. I love every minute of this performance, and I really could watch this particular performance over and over again.
1. Paul Newman in Hud- Paul Newman gives another complex realistic performance that never takes an easy solution in the development of his character. He shows Hud as the amoral man he is, and whenever he does show more about Hud, it is always well placed and within Hud's realm.
Deserving Performances:
Sean Connery in From Russia With Love


dshultz said...

A four way tie. I wonder how the Academy would have reacted to that? Could you do 2002 or 2009 next?

Fritz said...

I guess Poitier is to you what American Beauty/The English Patient is to me. ;.)

If I could suggest a year I would be very interested in Supporting Actor 77.

Louis Morgan said...

dshultz: One of those two will be soon but not next.

Fritz: I thought you might something like that :). Also I will keep that in mind when I get back to supporting.

Anonymous said...

Poitier would probably be #3 for me, but I'm with you on this, it's incredibly strong.

Maybe Actor 73 next?

Louis Morgan said...

73 won't be next either although I plan on doing that for the next year form the 70's, the next year is an odd one that I know no one will ever request, but it must be done nonetheless.

dinasztie said...

Yay for Sidney! :)

Michael Patison said...

I completely agree that this was a very strong year. Personally, I would flip the top three. Hud is one of my favorite movies and Newman was initially my choice, but then I watched This Sporting Life and thought that Harris was really terrific. Poitier was also really good, but for me, his year was 1967 in In the Heat of the Night. His performance, as well as the strength of the character, really sealed the deal for me. I still feel like his role in Lilies of the Field is a bit too much like the "magic black man" roles from earlier Hollywood.