Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Best Actor 1935: Results

4. Franchot Tone in Mutiny on the Bounty- Franchot done does his job well enough, but he never is all that amazing either. His character mostly reacts. Tone handles his reactions well enough, but still his performance never really stands out all that much.
3. Charles Laughton in Mutiny on the Bounty- Charles Laughton plays Bligh as a cruel man, a man who is simple and very cruel. Laughton portrays Bligh's cruelty in an effective manner both quietly when being systematically evil, and when being louder when his authority is challenged.
2. Clark Gable in Mutiny on the Bounty- Clark Gable has his usual slick charm and manner here which work especially well for Fletcher Christian. Gable gives a strong star performance that fulfills Flercher's role of passion and power perfectly.
1. Victor McLaglen in The Informer-McLaglen gives a terrific portrait of a man whose conscience slowly but surely grows on him, despite making great attempts to ignore it. McLaglen performance is incredibly effective and very memorable. He makes Gypo Nolan a  fascinating as well as likable character, making this an early Oscar well deserved.

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