Saturday, 5 June 2010

Best Actor 1985: Results

5. Jack Nicholson in Prizzi's Honor- Nicholson gives one of his worst performances here probably his worst performance nominated. He over does everything and does a lot of things that just fall flat.
4. Jon Voight in Runaway Train- Voight is good in moments of the film but he is also too over the top at other times. He is never really able to create a single character. He may have been better if the film was not so bad.
3. James Garner in Murphy's Romance- I do not have a single problem with this performance really, it just is nothing very special.
2. Harrison Ford in Witness- Harrison Ford does not do anything amazing with this performance but he is always good. He is always effective and carries the film very well.
1. William Hurt in Kiss of the Spider Woman- William Hurt really easily won this one for me because his competition was basically nothing compared to his performance. Hurt takes on a difficult character and gives a fantastic performance. This year was incredibly weak and was probably my easiest to choice yet.
Deserving Performances:Raul Julia in Kiss of the Spider Woman
Micheal J. Fox in Back to the Future


Anonymous said...

Good call on Michael J. that movie.

Louis Morgan said...

So do I it's one of my favorites, I wish it had gotten more nominations than just screenplay, song, sound and sound effects editing.

Celso said...

It looks like a weak year... how many "Gittes" Cronyn would recieve?

joe burns said...

Knew it! So 67 is next?

Louis Morgan said...

Celso: He'd probably get 3.

Joe: Yes.