Thursday, 17 June 2010

Best Actor 1946: Results

5. Larry Parks in The Jolson Story- Larry Parks is okay and does what he needs to do, but that is very little.
4. Gregory Peck in The Yearling- Peck gives a nice performance, despite struggling with the old timey dialect he is given. Not much but okay.

3. Fredric March in The Best Years of Our Lives- March gives a very strong performance in many moments of this film, even when he is regulated to the background, although he also overacts when his character is drunk.
2. Laurence Olivier in Henry V- Olivier is great throughout the film as Henry V, He always carries himself as perfectly as possible, and reads the old words with as much power as possible.
1. James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life- Stewart gives a great performance as George Bailey, incorporating almost everything great about his on screen persona into this single fantastic performance.
Deserving Performances:
Dana Andrews in The Best Years of Our Lives


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I figured Stewart would be your pick...Harold Russell is more supporting I'd say, but he would have been a worthy winner no matter what category.

Fritz said...

Great work! Looks like an interesting year. James Stewart seems like the obvious choice but it would have been more interesting if Dana Andrews had been here to represent "The Best Years of our Lives". Harold Russel can take Supporting.

joe burns said...

Knew it!

From what I remember, I think Andrews had the most screentime in The Best Years Of Our Lives, although I should see it again.

Louis Morgan said...

Sage: I basically put Russell there because they were all kind of lead, and because I could think of no one else worthy that year.

Fritz: Thanks. It is a very interesting year.

Joe: Andrews had the most time, but see it again Joe.

Anonymous said...

What did you make of Cary Grant in Notorious and Jean Marais in La Belle et La BĂȘte, as they are two iconic performances that might be worth a look if you cant think of any for alternate 46 (aside from Dana Andrews) ^^

Louis Morgan said...

I will probably review those two for 46.