Monday, 3 May 2010

Best Actor 1941: The Results

5. Gary Cooper in Sergeant York- Cooper gives a particularly dull performance that never really goes anywhere special.
4. Robert Montgomery in Here Comes Mr. Jordan- He's okay but he never does anything that special role, and just is a nice but average performance.
3. Cary Grant in Penny Serenade- Grant partially gives his usual routine which is effective, but in the second half of the film he gives something much more than that.
2. Orson Welles in Citizen Kane- Welles gives an iconic performance, and despite some slightly dull and overly theatrical moments, Welles still gives very interesting portrait of a man through his entire life.

1. Walter Huston in The Devil and Daniel Webster- I was tempted to go with Grant but that was possibly partially because I chose Huston in my last year, but Huston's performance is too good for me not to pick. I could watch his performance over and over, his devil is one memorable performance.


joe burns said...

Before Huston's profile came up, I thought Grant would win, but then I switched to Huston. What would you say would be the strongest and the weakest years you've done so far?

Louis Morgan said...

The strongest so far has been 1972 and the weakest so far has been 2001.