Monday, 9 June 2014

Alternate Best Actor 1958: Results

I decided not to review Christopher Lee in Dracula since he definitely was not lead. If you predicted the four in the correct order I've given you the win.

4. Zbigniew Cybulski in Ashes and Diamonds - Cybulski gives a solid portrayal, even infusing some James Dean mannerisms naturally, of a young devoted soldier who slowly sees there is potentially more to life, even if I do feel his performance is overshadowed by the film as a whole.

Best Scene: Maciek expresses his hesitations to his superior.
3. Toshiro Mifune in The Hidden Fortress - Mifune gives one of his more simplistic leading turns in a Kurosawa film, but nevertheless it is a rousing portrayal of heroics.

Best Scene: The General charges to stop the enemy's pursuit.
2. Alec Guinness in The Horse's Mouth - Guinness gives a great performance that is both a hilarious and oddly poignant depiction of a strange artist.

Best Scene: Jimson and Coker in the boat at night.
1. James Stewart in Vertigo- Good Predictions JackiBoyz, mcofra7, RatedRStar, Connor Olen, and Michael McCarthy. Stewart gives perhaps his darkest and certainly one of his best performances. Stewart's portrayal is an uncompromising and truly haunting depiction of a man overwhelmed by obsession and fear. 

Best Scene: Scottie sees Madeleine "resurrected".
Overall Rank:
  1. James Stewart in Vertigo
  2. Alec Guinness in The Horse's Mouth
  3. Toshiro Mifune in The Hidden Fortress 
  4. Paul Newman in The Long, Hot Summer
  5. Toshiro Mifune in The Rickshaw Man 
  6. Clark Gable in Teacher's Pet
  7. Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones
  8. Tony Curtis in The Defiant Ones
  9. Zbigniew Cybulski in Ashes and Diamonds
  10. David Niven in Separate Tables
  11. Paul Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  12. Clark Gable in Run Silent Run Deep
  13. Burt Lancaster in Run Silent Run Deep
  14. Spencer Tracy in The Last Hurrah
  15. Teiji Takahashi in The Ballad of Narayama
  16. Montgomery Clift in The Young Lions
  17. Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil
  18. John Mills in Dunkirk
  19. Minoru Chiaki in The Hidden Fortress
  20. Kamatari Fujimara in The Hidden Fortress
  21. Peter Cushing in Horror of Dracula
  22. Bernard Lee in Dunkirk
  23. Burt Lancaster in Separate Tables
  24. Steve McQueen in The Blob
  25. Kenneth Moore in A Night to Remember
  26. Dean Martin in The Young Lions
  27. Montgomery Clift in Lonelyhearts
  28. Gregory Peck in The Big Country  
  29. Frank Sinatra in Some Came Running
  30. Tony Curtis in Vikings
  31. Kirk Douglas in Vikings 
  32. Rossano Brazzi in South Pacific
  33. Marlon Brando in The Young Lions
  34. Yul Brynner in The Brothers Karamazov 
  35. John Kerr in South Pacific
  36. Spencer Tracy in The Old Man and the Sea
  37. Tab Hunter in Damn Yankees
  38. Louis Jourdan in Gigi
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RatedRStar said...

=D ahh rite, I see, I will name my winning request later on.

Orson Welles - Touch Of Evil
Burl Ives - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Richard Attenborough - Dunkirk
Christopher Lee - Horror Of Dracula
Robert Donat - The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness

RatedRStar said...

Also what did you make to A Night to Remember, Louis?

Louis Morgan said...

I have not seen it in a long while, but I recall it being a pretty effective more down to earth retelling of the Titanic story.

RatedRStar said...

I also liked 1953 version with a solid performance by Clifton Webb.

RatedRStar said...

I should also say that the Titanic sinking is very well done in A Night to Remember, whereas the 1953 version looked like a childrens boat sinking in a bowl of soup =D.

luke higham said...

I Second RatedRStar's Suggestions

Louis: What were your ratings & thoughts on
Clift & Brando in The Young Lions.
Douglas & Curtis in The Vikings
Kenneth Moore in A Night to Remember
Peter Cushing in Dracula
Clark Gable in Teacher's Pet
Toshiro Mifune in The Rickshaw Man
Paul Newman in The Long Hot Summer

John Smith said...

What will be the next year.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts/ratings in Kerr in Seperate Tables, Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Maclaine in Some Came Running?

RatedRStar said...

I would imagine it would be from either the 30S, the 40s or the 70s

luke higham said...

He said just after the 61 supporting results, that he was either going to cover the 50's or 70's, so it will be the latter. I think Louis will do either 72' or 77' next.

RatedRStar said...

=D if they ever remade The Rickshaw Man I think I know the perfect actor to play the lead role =D.

RatedRStar said...

I should also say,

RIP Rik Mayall, one of Britain's greatest comedic performers, for classics such as Blackadder, Bottom, and The Young Ones.

luke higham said...

RatedRStar: Same Here, I loved his Lord Flashheart, In what is my favourite British sitcom in Blackadder.

JackiBoyz said...

RIP Rik Mayall, I think his greatest acting performance was as Alan B'Stard in The New Statesman.

My winning request is

Armand Assante - Q & A (Best Supporting Actor 1990)

Michael McCarthy said...

What are your ratings for

Ronald Colman in If I Were King

Joel McCrea in The More the Merrier

Robert Montgomery in Ride the Pink Horse

Van Heflin in Act of Violence

Montgomery Clift in The Heiress

Orson Welles in Othello

Dick Shawn in The Producers

Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar

Mel Gibson in The Road Warrior

Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball

Also, my winning request is Brendan Gleeson in The General for 1998 Lead.

mcofra7 said...

Winning Request: Christian Bale for the Prestige

JamDenTel said...

Please, please, PLEASE review Orson Welles' performance in The Long Hot Summer! That's one of my favorite films that never really gets talked about, and since you put Newman at #4, I'm guessing you have some level of regard for it.

By all means, review it alongside his work in Touch of Evil (which I'd argue for Lead, but to each their own), but I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on it. He's just so much fun there.

Maciej said...

Orson Welles - Touch Of Evil
Burl Ives - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Albert Salmi - The Brothers Karamazov

Michael Patison said...

Bernard Blier in Les Miserables
Burl Ives in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula
Orson Welles in Touch of Evil

No idea on any others.

Michael McCarthy said...

The only performance I can think of that hasn't been suggested is Trevor Howard in The Key.

Louis Morgan said...


Clift - 4(The only time where Brando and Clift are in the same film, and disappointingly they don't share a single scene. Clift gives a fairly interesting variation here on his performance in From Here to Eternity, once again as an abused soldier, but this time as a man with a weaker personality)

Brando - 2.5(The more performances I see from Brando the more that I see that when he's not great he's kinda lackluster. Brando whole look is bizarre, and his accent seems a bit forced especially when he's against Maximilian Schell. Most of all his performance is just so weakly passive all the time)

Douglas - 2.5(Douglas tries but his charm is unable to make his character at all likable. It seems everyone in the film, other than Ernest Borgnine, did not really find the right tone for their performance Douglas included)

Curtis - 2.5(Curtis has some somewhat solid moments later on his performance as the passionate hero, but when he's trying to act as the vengeful slave he's pretty bad)

Kenneth Moore - 3(As I recall he gave a solid enough performance as a man doing his duty)

Cushing - 3.5(There is almost nothing to the character of Van Helsing other than he knows about vampires and wants to stop them. Cushing though manages to be compelling as he does have a certain charm, and really does bring the appropriate passion in his portrayal)

Gable - 4.5(Gable might definitely look his age, but he does not show it in his performance. The amount of charm he brings here is just like the old days, and his comic timing couldn't be better here)

Mifune - 4.5(A rather different role in that his character is that of a "lowly" rickshaw driver rather than the more "important" men he tends to play. Mifune gives a good performance though in a more humble role really bringing a considerable warmth, and overall giving a rather moving portrayal)

Paul Newman - 4.5(Much like his work in Hud although does not quite reach the heights of that later performance. Newman though is terrific in bringing such considerable charisma while not avoiding in giving the right piercing quality to his character's more questionable qualities)

Ronald Colman - 4

Joel McCrea - 4.5

Robert Montgomery - 4

Van Heflin - 4.5

Montgomery Clift - 4

Orson Welles - 4.5

Dick Shawn - 4.5

Ted Neeley - 4.5

Mel Gibson - 4

Billy Bob Thornton - 4.5

Louis Morgan said...


Kerr - 3.5(She hits the right notes as the story proceeds and creates the sensitive woman needed for the character. Her performance can be a little too overbearing at times than it needs to be though, and I think she could have mediated a little bit more between the phases of her character)

Taylor - 4.5(She's absurdly alluring her as she should be, and you know Newman's character would have to be gay to ignore her. She delivers past though effectively showing the slyness of her character as she plays the game. She also does well to play frustrations of her character with a fair amount of subtly as her character is repressing them most of the time)

MacLaine - 3.5(I think she served her purpose at being believably ditzy while having a certain charm. I do feel she chews the scenery though a little more than needed)

Scott Gingold said...

Louis, how in holy hell can you rate Steve McQueen in The Blob higher than Marlon Brandon in The Young Lions?

Scott Gingold said...

Of course I meant Brando

Louis Morgan said...

Mainly because I didn't think Brando was very good in The Young Lions. McQueen wasn't anything great either, but I still thought he managed to bring his trademark cool to the role even if severely reduced.

Tamsin Parker said...

And that was the year Eli Wallach once again burned up the screen, this time in 'The Lineup'.