Friday, 14 December 2012

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2005

And the Nominees Were Not:

 Barry Pepper in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Jeff Daniels in The Squid and the Whale

Ed Harris in A History of Violence 

Mickey Rourke in Sin City

Val Kilmer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Maciej said...


Anonymous said...

I throw Daniels in lead, where I nominate him. I'm thinking:

1) Daniels
2) Rourke
3) Harris
4) Kilmer
5) Pepper

That wouldn't be my ranking.

Personally, my nominees are:

1) Sarsgaard/Jarhead
2) Costner/Upside of Anger
3) Hoskins/Unleashed
4) Kilmer/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
5) James/Hitch

Michael Patison said...

Everybody here has the potential to be terrific, so it's a really hard one to predict, but I'll take a shot:
1. Ed Harris
2. Mickey Rourke
3. Jeff Daniels
4. Val Kilmer
5. Barry Pepper

Michael Patison said...

I also throw Daniels in lead and nominate him (he's my #5). My supporting ranking for the year is:
1. Harris
2. Hurt
3. Gyllenhaal (he's really on the line for me)
4. Rourke
5. Collins, Jr.

moviefilm said...

1) Ed Harris
2) Jeff Daniels
3) Barry Pepper
4) Mickey Rourke
5) Val Kilmer

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Daniels is a lead in my book, too. My guess:

1. Harris
2. Daniels
3. Rourke
4. Pepper
5. Kilmer

Lezlie said...

1. Jeff Daniels
2. Ed Harris
3. Barry Pepper
4. Mickey Rourke
5. Val Kilmer

RatedRStar said...

1)Mickey Rourke
2)Ed Harris
3)Jeff Daniels
4)Val Kilmer
5)Barry Pepper

Mark said...

You took mine, RatedRStar

1. Rourke
2. Harris
3. Daniels
4. Kilmer
5. Pepper

bondfan said...

1. Kilmer
2. Rourke
3. Daniels
4. Pepper
5. Harris

Doug Grenier said...

I really loved Ed Harris's performance in "A History of Violence". I expect him to get a really high rating.