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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1954: Results

5. Clifton Webb in Three Coins in a Fountain- Webb is a bit wasted in his film, but he does well to create a warmer take on his most frequent role as a snobbish intellectual.

Best Scene: Shadwell confesses both his love and the fact that he is dying. 
4. Raymond Burr in Rear Window- Burr certainly gets help from his director, but in very key moments his performance as well amplifies power of his character within the film.

Best Scene: Thorwald notices Jeff.
3. Fred MacMurray in The Caine Mutiny- MacMurray makes for an excellent villain playing the part with such charm that he tricks you into thinking that he is not even the villain.

Best Scene: Keefer suggests the officers mutiny. 
2. Peter Lorre in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- Lorre is a very likable and lends some very nice lighthearted relief in his film as the endearing sidekick Conseil.

Best Scene: Any scene between Conseil and Ned Land.
1. Van Johnson in The Caine Mutiny-Johnson gives the best performance not nominated for an Oscar this year through his moving down to earth portrayal of a man who tries to do the right thing despite tremendous pressures all around him.

Best Scene: Maryk takes the stand in his court martial. 
Overall Rank:
  1. Toshiro Mifune in Seven Samurai
  2. Rod Steiger in On the Waterfront
  3. Lee J. Cobb in On the Waterfront
  4. Karl Malden in On The Waterfront
  5. Alastair Sim in An Inspector Calls
  6. Fredric March in Executive Suite
  7. Peter Finch in The Detective
  8. Van Johnson in The Caine Mutiny
  9. Peter Lorre in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  10. Kuroemon Onoe in Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto
  11. Richard Basehart in La Strada
  12. Fred MacMurray in The Caine Mutiny
  13. Raymond Burr in Rear Window
  14. Van Johnson in Brigadoon 
  15. Geoffrey Keen in Carrington V.C
  16. John Williams in Dial M For Murder  
  17. Eitaro Shindo in The Crucified Lovers
  18. Jose Ferrer in The Caine Mutiny 
  19. Geoffrey Keen in Doctor in the House
  20. Louis Calhern in Executive Suite
  21. Clifton Webb in Three Coins in a Fountain
  22. Edmund Gwenn in Them!
  23. Rene Dary in  Touchez Pas Au Grisbi
  24. John Williams in Sabrina 
  25. Allen Cuthbertson in Carrington V.C
  26. Brian Worth in An Inspector Calls
  27. Robert Cummings in Dial M For Murder
  28. Minoru Chiaki in Seven Samurai
  29. Bryan Forbes in An Inspector Calls
  30. Isao Kimura in Seven Samurai  
  31. Lee Marvin in The Raid
  32. Emile Meyer in Riot in Cell Block 11
  33. Broderick Crawford in Human Desire
  34. John Hamilton in On the Waterfront 
  35. Paul Fix in The High and the Mighty
  36. Walter Pidgeon in Executive Suite 
  37. Otto Kruger in Magnificent Obsession
  38. Seiji Miyaguchi in Seven Samurai
  39. Pat Henning in On the Waterfront 
  40. Alexander Knox in The Divided Heart
  41. Yoshio Inaba in Seven Samurai 
  42. Lino Ventura in Touchez Pas Au Grisbi
  43. Robert Newton in The High and the Mighty 
  44. Geoffrey Keen in The Divided Heart
  45. James Robertson Justice in Doctor in the House
  46. Walter Brennan in The Far Country
  47. Paul Douglas in Executive Suite
  48. Rentaro Mikuni in Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto
  49. Richard Widmark in Broken Lance
  50. Ernest Borgnine in Johnny Guitar
  51. Donald Houston in Doctor in the House
  52. Arthur Young in An Inspector Calls
  53. Walter Hampden in Sabrina
  54. Dean Jagger in Executive Suite 
  55. Edmond O'Brien in The Barefoot Contessa
  56. Wendell Corey in Rear Window 
  57. Brock Peters in Carmen Jones
  58. Harry Morgan in The Glenn Miller Story 
  59. Charles Bronson in Vera Cruz
  60. Ernest Borgnine in Vera Cruz 
  61. Robert Stack in The High and the Mighty
  62. Paul Muller in Journey to Italy
  63. John McIntire in The Far Country
  64. William Holden in The Country Girl 
  65. Cesar Romero in Vera Cruz 
  66. Jack Carson in Phffft
  67. Dean Jagger in White Christmas
  68. Charles Bickford in A Star is Born 
  69. Cecil Parker in The Detective 
  70. E.G. Marshall in Broken Lance
  71. Russ Tamblyn in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  72. Noah Beery Jr. in The Black Dakotas
  73. Rory Calhoun in River of No Return
  74. Tom Tully in The Caine Mutiny
  75. Sidney Blackmer in The High and the Mighty
  76. Louis Jordan in Three Coins in a Fountain
  77. Jack Carson in A Star is Born 
  78. John Broomfield in The Black Dakotas
  79. Rossano Brazzi in Three Coins in a Fountain
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Michael Patison said...

For 1993, I really only have 2 good ones:
Ben Kingsley in Schindler's List
Sean Penn in Carlito's Way

Some Others:
Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park
Harvey Keitel in The Piano
Stephen Lang in Gettysburg
Christopher Lloyd in Twenty Bucks

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Some suggestions for 1993:

Sam Neill in The Piano
Richard Jordan in Gettysburg
Val Kilmer in Tombstone
dennis Hopper in True Romance
Gary Oldman in True Romance

I haven't seen the last four, but I here great things about them.

RatedRStar said...

Ben Kingsley - Schindlers List
Harvey Keitel - The Piano
Gary Oldman - True Romance
Sean Penn - Carlitos Way
Val Kilmer - Tombstone

only ones I can think of =(

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

I don't know why everyone perfers Keitel to Neill in The Piano, I found Neill to be more dynamic.

Anonymous said...

I'm with MacFarlane on Neill. If it weren't for Fiennes, Neill would be my winner, hands down!

I'd go with:

Sam Neill/The Piano
Sean Penn/Carlito's Way
Gene Hackman/The Firm
Val Kilmer/Tombstone
Tim Robins/Short Cuts

Anonymous said...

Can you please include Hackman in The Firm?

Anonymous said...

Gene Hackman- The Firm
Ben Kingsley- Schindler's List
Sean Penn- Carlito's Way
Val Kilmer- Tombstone
Gary Oldman- True Romance

Anonymous said...

Ben Kingsley- Schidnler's List
Richard Attenborough- Jurrasic Park
Val kilmer- tombstone
Gene Hackman- The Firm
Sean Penn- Carlito's Way

GradyTripp said...

What about Greg Cruttwell in "Naked"?

Maciej said...

Ben Kingsley - Schindler's List
Sean Penn - Carlito's Way
Sam Neill - The Piano
Harvey Keitel - The Piano
Val Kilmer - Tombstone

Lezlie said...


Ben Kingsley (Schindler's List)
Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park)
Sam Neill (The Piano)
Harvey Keitel (The Piano)

I wasn't really impressed about anyone in True Romance, neither about the film in a whole.

Paoloduncan said...

Ben Kingsley- Schidnler's List
Richard Attenborough- Jurrasic Park
Sean Penn- Carlito's Way
Harvey Keitel - The piano
Chaz Palminteri - Bronx
Dennis Hopper - True romance

Anonymous said...

Kingsley- schindlers
Penn- Carlito's way
Hackman- The Firm
Kilmer- Tombstone

Michael Patison said...

I just looked at this year again, having watched Dial M for Murder in the interim, and am somewhat disappointed to find John Williams outside of the top 10. I know he's only at #11 and that you liked his performance, but I felt he deserved more like 4 stars as opposed to 3.5. For me, he was the reason the last third of the film was so good. We all know Grace Kelly can't really act, so with Ray Milland gone for several important and lengthy scenes in the last third, a boost is needed to make it watchable, and I thought that John Williams more than filled that void. I'm not saying he's amazing or anything (it is a small part after all), but he's a strong 4, at least for me.

Louis Morgan said...

That's odd I thought I had put him above Webb. I agree he really fills a bit of a void made in the scenes where Milland is absent or silent.