Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1974: Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein

Marty Feldman did not receive an Oscar nomination for portraying Igor in Young Frankenstein.

Marty Feldman portrays the rather strange looking Igor although wearing his black hood, having a hump that changes side, and Feldman's own bulging eyes. Young Frankenstein is of course an extreme comedy in that it is only going for comedy and lots of it. Even if there is the slightest sort of a dramatic moment in the film there will be a joke still instantly afterwards. The film though does sort of take one thing seriously which is replicating the look of the old horror films of the thirties, and to a degree does the look part partially as well.

Feldman slinks around in the film much like one would in one of those old movies, and even says yes master constantly as well. Aside from the yes masters and the way he scurries about this is a completely comedic performance. His performance mostly consists of little humorous aside to the main scene whether it is a look, or a strange comment that he makes about something about himself, or some sort of slightest pestering comment against Dr. Frankenstein.

Feldman handles his very specific role, and most of his little reactions, and quite amusing, and many of them are hilarious. Feldman has quite a bit of fun having the dichotomy of the look of his character which is very much that of the 30's monster movies, but with an entirely modern manner in his portrayal of Igor's personality. It works quite well for the part, and Feldman certainly creates some of the highlights of the film.

Technically speaking his character is the most constant in the film as his role is quite firm which is making funny and bizarre observations throughout. Feldman makes the most out of all his moments though and they are terrific. One little moment I particularly find hilarious is his remarks about what his father said in times of distress. Feldman gives an entertaining and enjoyable comedic performance in the film that hits just the right notes.


RatedRStar said...

He sounds like N Gin from Crash Bandicoot haha lol =D

RatedRStar said...

He was really likable in this lol =D

Anonymous said...

Can you please do 68 next? Id love to see your reviews on Fonda and Robards in OUATITW

Louis Morgan said...

Not yet, only because I like to go from decade to decade, but I will try to get that year soon. I probably will put Fonda in lead though.