Thursday, 16 August 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1992

And the Nominees Were Not:

Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant 

Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs

Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross

Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Tim Robbins in The Player


joe burns said...

Interesting! I don't know much about 92 in general, it doesn't strike as a great year because most say it is a very weak year.

but all these nominees seem so interesting! What's The Player about?

And why isn't Anthony Hopkins in Howard's End on the list?

Michael Patison said...

1. Keitel in Bad Lieutenant
2. Lemmon
3. Robbins
4. Oldman
5. Keitel in Reservoir Dogs

dshultz said...

1) Keitel (Bad Lieutenant)
2) Oldman
3) Lemmon
4) Robbins
5) Keitel (Reservoir Dogs)

Harvey Keitel is easily in the same realm as Gary Oldman is as far as I'm concerned, but Bad Lieutenant is something else entirely, he reached an amazing level that very few actors have ever touched.

Louis, have you seen the Werner Herzog's 2009, "Bad Liutenant Port of Call"?

Anonymous said...

1) Lemmon
2) Keitel
3) Robbins
4) Keitel
5) Oldman

Fritz said...

I would have liked to see your thoughst on Hopkins in Howards End or Joe Pescie in My Cousin Vinny but this line-up looks very exciting!

RatedRStar said...

1)Keitel - Bad Lieutenant
3)Keitel - Reservoir Dogs

Maciej said...

1.Keitel (BL)
4.Keitel (RD)

mrripley said...

I love Lemmon in this.

Anonymous said...

Its between Lemmon and Keitel, both would be deserving winners.

Lezlie said...


1. Jack Lemmon
2. Harvey Keitel (Bad Lieutenant)
3. Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs)
4. Tim Robbins
5. Gary Oldman

Anonymous said...

Keitel is my personal winner for Bad Lieutenant...such a fearless and powerful performance! Oscars lineup though, outside of the dreadful winner, was rather excellent as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Harvey Keitel will win for Bad Lieutenant, but I'm rooting for Jack Lemmon:

Harvey Keitel - Bad Lieutenant
Jack Lemmon - Glengarry Glen Ross
Harvey Keitel - Reservoir Dogs
Gary Oldman - Bram Stoker's Dracula
Tim Robbbins - The Player


Paul_Dickinson said...

I have not seen Bad Lieutenant yet.
My ranking of the other 4 performances:
1) Jack Lemmon (fantastic)
2) Oldman
3) Keitel in Reservoir Dogs (I don't have leading performances in the film, and my choiches for supporting nominations are Buscemi and Roth)
4) Robbins

moviefilm said...

1) Jack Lemmon
2) Harvey Keitel (RD)
3) Harvey Keitel (BL)
4) Gary Oldman
5) Tim Robbins

Nues20 said...

1. Keitel (BL)
2. Oldman
3. Keitel (RD)
4. Robbins
5. Lemmon

Louis Morgan said...

Joe: The Player is about a Hollywood executive who kills a writer he thinks is blackmailing him.

I considered Hopkins, but frankly I just was more interested in these five.

dshultz: I have not seen the "sequel" but I am very interested in it. I plan on putting Cage in lead 2009 for it so I will see it then.

Paul: I put Kietel and Roth in lead the rest in supporting.

RatedRStar said...

is is possible when you get to 2007 that the great Casey Affleck could be considered for his amazing work in Gone Baby Gone.

Louis Morgan said...

Affleck is a likely inclusion for that year.

Doug Grenier said...

Here's my rank for this list:

1. Harvey Keitel ("Bad Lieutenant")
2. Jack Lemmon
3. Harvey Keitel ("Reservoir Dogs")
4. Gary Oldman
5. Tim Robbins

Stephanie Thompson said...

1)Keitel - Bad Lieutenant 2)Lemmon 3)Keitel - Reservoir Dogs 4)Robbins 5)Oldman