Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1974

And the Nominees Were Not:

Peter Falk in A Woman Under The Influence

Charles Bronson in Death Wish

Gene Hackman in The Conversation

Walter Matthau in The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three

Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein


RatedRStar said...

Gene Hackman will win, its a two horse race for second between Peter Falk and Gene Wilder who were brilliant, Matthau and Bronson were solid.

1.Gene Hackman
2.Gene Wilder
3.Peter Falk
4.Walter Matthau
5.Charles Bronson

Anonymous said...

Gene Hackman hands down! I also hope he's your pick for the whole year!

RatedRStar said...

Nice to see the great Columbo getting a nom =)

Michael Patison said...

1. Hackman
2. Wilder
3. Falk
4. Bronson
5. Matthau

Anonymous said...

Charlie Bronson!!! Love that guy, but Hackman gets my vote for his superb, subtle and nuanced performance as Harry Caul. All of the nominees here are fantastic

Maciej said...


Anonymous said...

I know this is rather unrelated, but have you seen 50/50? What did you think of Joseph Gordon Levitt?

dshultz said...

Hackman hands down. I never liked Charles Bronson outside of The Indian Runner, which he was great in. Charlie Bronson, British prisoner as portrayed by Tom Hardy, on the other hand...

dinasztie said...

Hackman should easily win and probably will. But I imagine Wilder will also get 5 from you.


moviefilm said...

1) Gene Hackman
2) Gene Wilder
3) Peter Falk
4) Walter Matthau
5) Charles Bronson

Louis Morgan said...

Marc: I have not seen 50/50.

Lezlie said...


1. Gene Hackman
2. Peter Falk
3. Gene Wilder
4. Charles Bronson
5. Walter Matthau

Anonymous said...

aww its an amazing movie! really handles the subject matter with great class. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fantastic in it and should have been nominated, IMO


joe burns said...

Wow, interesting year! I'm particulary interested to see your thoughts on Falk! Good luck on watching A Woman Under The Influence though!

Nues20 said...

1. Hackman
2. Wilder
3. Falk
4. Matthau
5. Bronson