Sunday, 24 June 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1985

And the Nominees Were Not:

Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future

Jonathan Pryce in Brazil

Raul Julia in Kiss of the Spider Woman

Tim Curry in Clue

Jeff Daniels in The Purple Rose of Cairo 

A year without a single actor yet to be nominated for an Oscar, good luck on your predictions.


RatedRStar said...

Raul Julia will win, the hard part is where everyone else will finish. I liked Pryce but it was the film that helped him rather than the acting performance, Fox gave a good but standard lead performance.

1.Raul Julia
2.Tim Curry (was hilarious)
3.Jeff Daniels
4.Michael J. Fox
5.Jonathan Pryce

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

1. Julia
2. Daniels
3. Fox
4. Curry
5. Pryce

Anonymous said...

Julia will win without a doubt. He's clearly the best, Curry was also great, the others were not outstanding at all.

Anonymous said...

Glad you picked Curry, but I'm so unsure how you'll like him.

1. Julia
2. Fox
3. Daniels
4. Pryce
5. Curry

GradyTripp said...

Yay! Curry is my win in supporting...

moviefilm said...

1) Raul Julia
2) Michael J. Fox
3) Jeff Daniels
4) Tim Curry
5) Jonathan Pryce

Anonymous said...


Lezlie said...

1. Raul Julia
2. Michael J. Fox
3. Jeff Daniels
4. Tim Curry
5. Jonathan Pryce

Michael Patison said...

1. Julia
2. Fox
3. Pryce
4. Daniels
5. Curry

dinasztie said...

Michael J. Fox is such a favorite of mine. I was really impressed by the others as well but Fox takes this year for me. BTF is one of my 5 all-time favorite movies.

Louis Morgan said...

Mine too!

joe burns said...

Wow, this is so fast! LOL!!! You've always been so fast!

But I'll make sure to comment and follow it this time!

My predictions:

1. Raul Julia
2. Michael J. Fox
3. Jonothan Pryce
4. Jeff Daniels
5. Tim Curry